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Glucose Oxidase


AnnzymeTM glucose oxidase, which is made from the best strain of Aspergillus niger strain through Submerged fermentation and extraction technique.This product belongs to aerobic dehydrogenase. Under the oxidic existing condition, it can transfer glucose into gluconic acid and produce peroxide which is a kind of strong oxidizer. Because of the peroxide, the mercapto group (-SH) in the gluten molecules can be oxidized to the disulfide bond(-S-S-), thereby enhance the strength of the gluten. Improve dough extensibility, increase the volume of bread, you can replace the potassium bromate KBrO4 which can cause cancer. In noodle manufacturing, glucose oxidase would help form the good protein network structure and increase noodle bite.





Physical Appearance

Yellowish powder

EC Code


5.0 ~ 9.0


30 ~ 55



Improve the operational performance of dough;

Improve the stability of dough;

Improve the inflation rapidity and quality of bread;

Good synergy with other enzyme or flour improver;

Good liquidity.                                                                   


Range of application

Suitable for flour milling and bread flour improver.

 Recommended dosage

4ppm~20ppm(0.4-2.0g/100kg flour)

Optimal dosage is confirmed by flour nature and baking experiment.

 Method of application

Add it into flour directly or add them into flour together after mixing with other dosing.




Transport and store in cool dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight or moisture. Stored under 25℃in original sealed package, activity of solid enzyme remains stable for a period of up to 12months. The shelf life can be extended when stored at 5℃.

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