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Neutral protease


This enzyme is derived from the fermentation products of Bacillus Subtilis, Angel protease hydrolyzes N-terminal peptide bonds of non-polar amino acid residues and may preferentially attack denatured and intercellular proteins with exposed hydrophobic amino acid residues.  It is widely used in brewery fermentations and in the manufacture of alcohol, food processing, feed additives, leather processing, etc.





Yellow Brown Powder

*Activity Unit (U/g)


Working Temp


Working pH


Size or Density

≥60%(Standard Mesh Size 40)


*Activity: One Activity Unit is the amount of Neutral protease required to liberate the equivalent of 1 μg of Tyrosine per minute under the specified conditions and at 40℃, pH 7.5


Neutral protease is a water soluble enzyme that is capable of breaking down peptide bonds in proteins. It breaks down and increases protein dispersibility, solubility, palatability and digestibility. The effectiveness of this Neutral protease is achieved through continuous technical research and bioengineering refinements.

  1. Neutral protease consumed by the animal along with the feed, will work under the harsh condition of the stomach to hydrolyze protein into peptides and amino acids, promote digestion and absorption, and yield greater return of profit from feed.

  2. Neutral protease is also a very useful tool in the leather and fur industry, as it softens and adds suppleness to lower grade materials, yet at the same time strengthens the root of the fur. Fur treated with Neutral protease will show a noticeable sheen, and further processing such as dye will more easily bind. Overall, treated leather and fur result in higher quality and provide greater return to its user. Recommended dosage is200-250U/gat 35-42℃PH7.1-7.5 fordepilation and 10-20U/gat 35-42℃PH7.1-7.5 for softening.

  3. Neutral protease helps recovery of silver from waste film. Recommended dosage is20-23U/gat 45℃PH7.0-7.5.


Feed additives: Recommended dosage is 60-200g ofneutral protease(50000U/g) per ton of complete feed. The product should be well mixed with feedstuff.


Solid: sealed in plastic inner bag, with a fabric outer bag, net weight 20kg/bag


Transport and store in cool dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight or moisture. Stored below 15℃in original sealed package, the activity of solid enzyme remains stable for a period of up to 6 months.


The enzyme preparation may irritate the skin and eyes. The dust may cause sensitization when inhaled. Please take precautions to avoid direct contact with the product. Rinsing thoroughly with copious amount of water in case of contacted with the skin or eyes, Seek medical advice if lung irritation occurs.

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