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Thermo-stable alpha-amylase AHA-100D


Angel Thermo-Stable Alpha-Amylase AHA-100Dis a food-grade starch hydrolyzing α-amylase with high temperature and low pH stability derived fromBacillus licheniformis.This enzyme is able to quickly reduce viscosity of starch slurries to facilitate further handling and processing.



Thermo-Stable α–Amylase AHA-100D

System name



100,000U/mL (minimum)


brown liquid


6.0 to 7.0

Specific gravity

1.15 to 1.25 g/ml


Effect of pH

The enzyme is stable in the range of pH5.0 to 10.0, and effective in the range of pH5.0 to 7.0, the optimum pH is in the range of 5.4 to 5.8.

Effect of Temperature

The enzyme own excellent thermostability, the optimum temperature is above 95℃, with most effective jet temperature in the range of 105℃to 110℃. The enzyme maintains considerable activity at higher temperatures (110℃or above).

The product is suitable for all kinds of jet cookers, and able to prevent the production fluctuation from steam pressure instability.


♦  Significant performance of resistance to high temperature; the injection temperature up to 110 ℃, still keep high enzyme activity.

♦  Excellent performance of acid resistance, pH at low to 5.0 still has a stable catalytic efficiency, the application of pH is usually 5.4 - 5.8.

♦  Low calcium dependence, the use of tap water or groundwater for production without additional calcium ions


This product can be widely used in production of starch sugar, fermentation industries such as monosodium glutamate, antibiotics, citric acid and so on.

The application effective is concerned with starch slurry concentration, pH, injectiontemperature, laminar flow timeand so on.

In most conditions, the dosage is 0.15-0.30 kg / tds (tds: tons of dry matter); in general, 0.20-0.25 kg / tds can achieve the desired results. Such as high concentration of slurry, high injection temperature, low pH should be appropriate to increase the dosage of the enzyme.


Typical application conditions

Starch concentration

16-20 °Bé(28-35%DS)



Injection temperature


Holding time

5-10 min

Laminar flow time


Dosagekg/t Dry Matter




liquid, 100,000U/mL

Sealed in Plastic Bucket or IBC Tank;

Net Weight 28kg/bucket or 1000kg/bucket.


The product if stored at 25℃below, at least 12month shelf life, if under the 4~10℃cold storage, shelf life is 18 months; under warranty, measured activity not less marked activity. Over shelf life, enzymes may decrease, but can still be used, usage should be increased accordingly. 

The product is bio-active substances, so sunlight, temperature, and humidity can cause inactivation of enzymes. Therefore, should transport and store in cool dry place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or moisture. Warehouses should be maintained in a clean, cool, and dry.


1. The product is bio-active substances, inhalation of dust or aerosols may induce sensitization and may cause allergic reactions in sensitized individuals. Unnecessary contact with the product and inhalation of dust should be avoided.

2. In case of contact with the eyes or skin, promptly rinse with the affected area with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

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