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Magic Yeast Nutrition

Yeast is a fantastic nutrient. Yeast and its derivatives offer a formidable potential in the human nutrition and health field.

  • -Yeast itself is a natural and balanced nutrition source rich in high-quality protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Angel® Nutritional yeast flakes

  • -Yeast converts inorganic trace elements into organic form and is applied widely in human supplements, such as selenium yeast, zinc yeast, chromium yeast, etc. Angel® Selenium yeast 2K

  • -Yeast beta glucan extracted from yeast cell wall is an ideal and unique human immunity enchancer. BettcanTM Yeast beta-glucan

  • -Yeast protein is a high-quality protein source, with all essential amino acids and without risk of GMO & animal protein concerns. Yeast protein is the best supplement & substitute of plant protein and animal protein. AnPro® Yeast protein

  • -Yeast probiotics, such as Saccharomyces Boulardii and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, are effective on human intestinal regulating and maintaining a healthy intestinal flora. Angel® S.Boulardii

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Nutritional Yeast

Angel® Nutritional yeast flakes

Angel® Nutritional yeast powder

Probiotics Yeast

Angel® S.Boulardii

Angel® S.cerevisiae

Yeast Actives

BettcanTM Yeast beta glucan

AnPro® Yeast Protein

Angel® Yeast cell wall

Angel® Yeast Extract

Angel® Yeast RNA

Fortified Yeast

Angel® Selenium yeast 2K

Angel® Chromium yeast 2K

Angel® Zinc yeast 100K

Angel® Copper yeast 50K

Angel® Glutathione yeast

Angel® Vitamin D yeast 8K

Angel® B-Vitamins yeast


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Angel Yeast increased the production capacity of yeast beta-glucan

The outbreak of COVID-19 led to increased demand for immune-promoting dietary supplement products worldwide. As a popular dietary supplement for boosting immune function, yeast beta-glucan has also gotten an explosive increase in demand. So, Angel yeast co., Ltd., as the world's leading supplier of yeast beta-glucan, increased its production capacity.

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