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Yeast is a fantastic nutrient. Yeast itself is a natural and balanced nutrition source rich in quality protein, amino acids and vitamins. Yeast converts inorganic trace elements into top class human trace element supplements, such as selenium yeast, zinc yeast, chromium yeast and etc. The polysaccharide, such as glucan in the yeast body is an ideal human immune regulator.

Yeast and its derivatives offer a formidable potential in the nutrition and health field. Many yeast components are essential to balance the body’s principal functions (growth, cell metabolism, immune system, antioxidation and more).  FAQ



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Angel NutrYstTM Yeast beta-glucan won the Golden Patent Award

In December 2018, the patent Method for preparing glucan and mannan, glucan preparation and mannan preparation produced thereby and use thereof (ZL200810105516.7) won the Golden Patent Award in China. The patent was applied by Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. in 2008 and authorized in China, US and EU continuously.

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