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Vitamin B yeast


Vitamin B yeast is produced using a fermentation process, which produces a primary grown, high protein, pure culture yeast whose growth is under aseptic, aerobic conditions.

During fermentation the temperature, pH, and growth are closely regulated. The resulting product, or yeast cream, is held in refrigerated storage to maintain cell viability and the B vitamin levels are enriched with a specified vitamin pack. Prior to drum drying the chilled yeast cream is pasteurized through a high temperature sterilization system to assure that it meets or exceeds established human food grade.



1. Provide plenty of vitamin B, protein, minerals and fiber;

2. Abundant in selenium, iron, zinc, yeast glucan, the product can fortify the immune system;

3. Improve the function of intestines.



1. As the raw materials of all kinds of foods, such as biscuits, beverage, desserts;

2. As the raw materials of functional foods, such as foods fortifying the immunity, weight-losing foods and anti-aging foods etc;


Product information:



Content *( /200mg)

B1  (Thiamine)

1.1 mg

B2  (Riboflavin)

1.4 mg

B3  (Niacin)

16 mg

B5  (Pantothenic acid)

6 mg

B6  (Pyridoxine)

1.4 mg

B8  (Biotin)

50 μg

B9  (Folic Acid)

0.2 mg

B12  (Cobalamin)

2.5 μg

* Vitamin B content is customizable.


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Angel NutrYstTM Yeast beta-glucan won the Golden Patent Award

In December 2018, the patent Method for preparing glucan and mannan, glucan preparation and mannan preparation produced thereby and use thereof (ZL200810105516.7) won the Golden Patent Award in China. The patent was applied by Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. in 2008 and authorized in China, US and EU continuously.

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