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AnPro- Organic Yeast Protein, non-GMO & non-animal protein source

AnPro®- Yeast Protein

-- Protein market game-changer

Benefits & Advantages

Ÿ -- Complete protein containing all essential amino acids, high content of all BCAA

 -- Nutrition & digestibility is same as dairy protein,much higher than plant protein

Ÿ -- No risk of GMO & animal protein concerns

Ÿ -- Eco-friendly & Sustainably

Ÿ -- Best supplement & substitute of plant protein & animal protein

Nutrition & Digestibility

Amino acids content of AnPro yeast protein

Nutrition & digestibility of AnPro is same as dairy protein, much higher than plant protein.

Essential amino-acids(EAA) in AnPro yeast protein is in the same level as WPC

Essential amino-acids(EAA) in AnPro is in the same level as WPC, much higher than SPI.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Circular economy of AnPro yeast protein

Eco-friendly & Sustainable AnPro yeast protein

What we eat matters! Our diet not only affects our overall health, but also impacts the environment and available resources.

Health Claims of Anpro

-- Non-GMO, non-animal

-- Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarian

-- Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, allergen-free, lactose-free

-- Without anti-nutritional factors, such as protease inhibitors, phytates

-- Without pesticides, antibiotics & hormones

-- Clean-label


Applications of Anpro

Anpro can be easily applied to all kinds of foods supplying good quality protein, such as dairy products, protein beverage, snack foods, pastries, smoothies, dietary supplement, protein powder, energy bars, protein bars, meal replacement powder, etc. Target groups of application including:

-- Sports nutrition & muscle-building

-- Recovery after work-out

-- Weight management & dieters

-- Seniors with sarcopenia

-- Strict vegans, vegetarians, and flexible vegetarians

-- Overall health

Applications of AnPro yeast protein

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