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Special fermentation nutrients

Angel special fermentation nutrients is a kind of customized complex nutrients resources for some special fermentation industry such as vinegar fermentation, mushroom seed cultivation, or special amino acid fermentation.


- Rich in carbohydrates, trace elements, peptides, free amino acids and vitamins

- Cost effective


- Special fermentation industry such as vinegar, mushroom, or alanine

- Typical dosage: 0.2-5%



Physical form

Main feature




Rich in carbohydrates

Rich in trace elements

Vinegar fermentation

FT100 Powder

Rich in peptides

Rich in free amino acids

Alaline fermentation
MP300 Powder

Rich in peptides and carbonhydrates

Mushroom seed cultivation

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Angel Yeast strengthens the input of yeast-based and plant-based organic nitrogen sources

At present, affected by the pandemic of COVID-19 and the shortage of various raw materials, the shortage of organic nitrogen sources in the global market has become increasingly prominent. Angel Yeast strengthens the input of yeast and plant-based organic nitrogen sources to alleviate the global market's tight supply of high-quality organic nitrogen sources

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