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A-300 Bread Improver for Toast Sweet Bread Enhancing Texture

- It significantly lengthens the shelf life of bread,
- improves the tissue of the bread,
- makes the bread softer,
- make the bread tissue more delicate. 
- Low dosage:0.3% 0.4%
- highly efficient and concentrated.

it is suitable for a variety of yeast dough,
especially for the sweet bread.
Usage: mix 0.3% 0.4% volume of flour with flour,
mix even with flour, water and other ingridients
  then make the dough.
Packing: 300g * 20 / Box


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High quality ingredients make better baking

During the demonstration, users were impressed by the high activity, wide sugar content and cold water resistance of ANGEL Premium yeast and Angel LD-500 improver.

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