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F-99 Frozen Dough Improver Enhance Fermenting Stability Maintain Good Expansion


- it can stabilize the dough gluten after thawing, improve the stability of the fermentation of bread;
-  frozen dough shall get better expansion in the oven after the long term preservation;
-  it improves the yeast resistance to freeze, reduces the loss of yeast activity;
-  it provides larger volume, better flavor and color for breads.

Applications: it can be used for non-fully fermented and fully fermented frozen dough process , both available for the doughs stored at the temperature below -18℃ and  stored at 0-4 ℃.
Usage: add 1% -2% on the flour, mix even with flour, yeast, and other ingridients first, then with wate to  make the dough.
Packing:  1kg × 10 / box, 5kg × 2 / box.

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High quality ingredients make better baking

During the demonstration, users were impressed by the high activity, wide sugar content and cold water resistance of ANGEL Premium yeast and Angel LD-500 improver.

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