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Ld-500 Bread Improver for Sugar-free Bread Efficient and Economical Improve the Stability


- It is a special recipe designed for sugar-free bread (such as baguettes) ;
-  it is efficient and economical.
- It can effectively improve the stability
of dough fermentation and shorten
the fermentation time.
- It can improve expansion of the dough
in the oven and increase bread volume.
- It gives the bread a better color and the
bread softer core.

Applications: baguettes and all kinds of sugar-free dough bread.
Dosage: 0.3%-0.5% of the flour
Packing: 1kg × 10 / Box


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High quality ingredients make better baking

During the demonstration, users were impressed by the high activity, wide sugar content and cold water resistance of ANGEL Premium yeast and Angel LD-500 improver.

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