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Microwave Cake Mix


1. It is simple and convenient to make a cake in a minute.
2. The cake is soft and delicious and with rich flavor.
3. It uses the egg as a carrier to supplement the nutrients.
4. It is self-made, safe, and healthy, and can make the cake according to their different tastes.
5. It has a variety of choices including milk flavor, strawberry flavor, tomato flavor and peach flavor.

Break an egg into a microwaveable container and make it into paste, put a bag of Microwave Ready-mixed Powder into the egg paste, stir evenly, cover and place in microwave oven, set at high heat for 1 minute and then serve.

Packing: 200g ×30 box

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High quality ingredients make better baking

During the demonstration, users were impressed by the high activity, wide sugar content and cold water resistance of ANGEL Premium yeast and Angel LD-500 improver.

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