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24 04,2014

Singapore FHA: Angel Yeast Demonstrates Its Innovative Technologies and Promotes Healthy Living
On April 8, the biennial Food & Hotel Asia Supplies Exhibition (FHA) opened in Singapore, with exhibitors from more than 90 countries and regions.It is the 5th time that Angel participated in FHA, with a delegation of 14 persons led by Wang Xishan, Deputy General Manager of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. Among the previous exhibitions, Angel has fully demonstrated its image of being a large global specialized company, and its products, such as yeast, food ingredients, seasonings and a number of professional services and solutions, impressed the merchants deeply. This time, Angel has not only demonstrated the traditional products including high-sugar yeast, low sugar yeast, semi-dry yeast, combo yeast, fresh yeast, bread improver and other products, and has also launched several new products and a number of new technologies, with a new theme of 'new ingredients, new solutions', which has again made Angel the focus of attention. There is a large Chinese population in southeast Asia, where the Chinese diet is of extraordinary influence, especially traditional Chinese fermented rice and flour products such as steamed stuffed buns, steamed bread, deep-fried dough sticks, rice cakes. Chinese restaurants are very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.Angel, with improvements and innovations of the traditional Chinese food, brought many gratifying achievements, which has fully demonstrated its ability to innovate the traditional Chinese food. Among them, many solutions, such as the change in the traditional process to achieve quick and easy production of Angel rice cake technology, the eradication of 'Al harm' to achieve better taste and cost Angel Al-free fritters technology, a full solution for buns to improve the appearance, taste, and stuffing, were strongly recognized by the exhibitors.The products, such as Angel rice cake mix, Al-free fritter leavening agent, Angel bun dough improver, bun chicken powder, Angel stuffing, etc. are especially popular. To further promote the development of the large-scale industry and meet the demand to reduce cost, Angel has demonstrated two new technologies, namely the frozen dough technology and the frozen dough semi-finished product technology, which are believed to highly fit the actual situation of businesses and have broad prospects in the Southeast Asian market. Some local customers even immediately invited technicians of Angel to their companies for site guidance. Angel's new Viennese soft European bread technology, is another highlight at the booth. This European-style bread, with the characteristics of being nutritional and healthy, is more suitable for the taste requirements of after Angel's technological improvements.In addition, Angel also exhibited its YE seasonings, food ingredients and other household food packaging. FHA, started as a small trade exhibition in 1978, has now become one of the large-scale comprehensive professional events in Asia's food and hotel industry.This year, the exhibition area has been expanded to 95,000 square meters to serve 51 booths, more than 50,000 professional visitors from around the world. The organizers intended to further stimulate the powerful scale to promote more robust business opportunities in the Asian market.


17 04,2014

Angel's New Products and Technologies Debut at FIC
From March 25 to 27, Angel Yeast, as a global leader of the yeast industry, unveiled a number of innovation achievements at FIC to meet the needs of customers. Innovative products and solutions: [KOKUMI flavor YE] koKumi is a taste that the global food industry is vigorously promoting, which pursues the experience of strong taste, lasting flavor, and integration of traditional flavors. Angel launched a new type of Kk02 YE product that is similar to kokumi flavor YE, which can extend the time that the flavor stays in the mouth, effectively enhance the fullness of the food flavor, and coordinate and balance the taste. The content of the active substance of kokumi flavor in the product is as high as 45%. Advantages: ★ ★ enhancing flavor, making the flavor lasting longer ★ upgrading the fullness of the flavor... [Frozen Dough Technology for Bakery Chains ] The unique advantages of Angel's semi-dry yeast, together with Angel F-99 frozen dough improver, can meet the central plant's need for frozen dough production. This technology has mainly achieved: its centralized production and on-demand production help achieve chain management to save customer values of labor and equipment of the stores. Advantages of Angel's semi-dry yeast in frozen dough: It has stable quality and resistance to freezing and its quality is very stable at storage of -18 ℃ and can avoid the quality fluctuations of fresh yeast during storage and transportation. Compared with instant dry yeast, the bread made with semi-dry yeast frozen dough has bigger volume and better flavor. It can be added at the later stage of dough mixing  for slow fermentation to maintain the quality of frozen dough. The semi-dry yeast has good anti-cold performance and is more suitable for frozen dough process. [Frozen Dough Semi-finished ProductTechnology] It is a kind of technology that the dough or dough with fillings is made into shape, and then is pre-rested and frozen, which can be steamed directly when needed. The dough or dough with fillings can be stored for long periods in the freezer. The semi-finished product pre-mix that is formulated with Angel's patented technology help realize the frozen dough semi-finished product technology. It has advantages of being long time fresh, centralized production, on-demand steaming, and chain management and etc. [Soy Sauce Semi-dry Yeast] The soy sauce semi-dry yeast that Angel promotes has the properties of enhancing flavor, improving taste and color, and enhancing zymosis proofing. Its performance is stable in high temperature (40-45 ℃) and high salt environments(20-22%), with direct addition. It can be used in the production of Japanese-style soy sauce, Cantonese-style sauce, and other sauces (such as the Northeast miso), and Maotai-flavor and sesame flavor liquors. [Vinegar Fermentation Nutrients] The Vinegar Fermentation Nutrients that Angel has introduced is rich in carbon and nitrogen sources, inorganic salts and growth factors necessary for the growth of acetic acid bacteria, which helps enhance the growth and metabolism of acetic acid bacteria, improve the raw material utilization, shorten the fermentation time , and greatly improve the productivity of vinegar and reduce overall costs. The Vinegar Fermentation Nutrients can make the vinegar broth light in color and thus eliminate the need for bleaching, filtration and other tedious processes, which helps the manufacturers save energy and increase productivity. The product is widely used in the production of white vinegar, rice vinegar and vinegar. There are also corresponding series for different fermentation processes such as semi-continuous fermentation, vats spray and traditional brewing processes. [Alpha-Cyclodextrin] Alpha-Cyclodextrin (α-CD for short) that Angel Yeast launched (α-CD for short) is a novel water-soluble dietary fiber, with advantages of low viscosity, good stablility, and non-moisture absorbing, and non-browning. As the product has a smaller inner bore, it has very excellent sustained release effect for active substances for smaller molecules entrapped molecule for food and pharmaceutical use, and it is mainly used in flavor, masking, sustained release, dispersion, and solubilization. It can also be used as catalyst for molecular recognition and synthesis. It has a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, pesticide industry, food industry and daily chemical industry and other fields, and it has the most added amount in the food industry.


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