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03 07,2014

Angel Yeast in IFT 2014
June 22 -24 2014, IFT Food EXPO held in New Orleans United States. Angel Yeast represented in the show. The Umami & Kokumi, the new series yeast extracts launched in the show by Angel Yeast. The Angel Yeast push the idea salt-reducing, many top professional clients worldwide attracted and visited the stand for the idea learning. The new series Umami & Kokumi commented positively and appreciated widely after testing and evaluation on spot. Some cooperation intentions are on the way already. Additionally, enzyme, baking ingredients, and health & nutritional products from Angel concerned either in this show.  


03 06,2014

6 New Achievements of Angel Unveiled at the 17th China International Baking Exhibition
The 17th China International Baking Exhibition opened in Shanghai on May 13th. As the most influential international professional exhibition of the Chinese baking industry, It is an annual exhibition. Angel, with 'New Materials, New Solutions' as the theme, introduced six innovative technology achievements and attracted wide attention from home and abroad. The new products, full assortment formulations and technology solutions of Angel's new baking technologies made Angel the focus of the exhibition. The Vienna new soft European bread technology, with the 'natural, nutrition, health' concept of the European multigrain bread, giving people the moist and mellow taste, has achieved successful store promotion in the forefront stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Wuhan and other cities, and the 'new soft European' bread series has become a new best-selling category in the industry. 'No.1 Toast' bread technology has changed the taste and color of the traditional toast, and has developed different varieties with features of being 'soft, mellow, and tasty', and has hence changed the consumers ‘understanding of toast bread, which makes its market prospects highly promising. The pure European bread technology, demonstrating Angel's further realization of 'East Meeting West' in the baking industry, to provide leading-edge advantages of a full set of  solutions. Angel, joining hands with Backaldrin, a classic European brand of baking ingredients, jointly launched about 10 models of pure European healthy bread popular in Europe. The creation make people feel deeply the unique charm of the art of baking from the music kingdom. Over the years, Angel has always been viewing the industry from the macro perspective and looking for opportunities to innovate its technologies. At the exhibition, Angel successfully launched its two core technological achievements, namely the frozen dough technology and the frozen dough semi-finished product technology. Angel, using its considerable advantages achieved in the key yeast technologies and the improvers application technologies, has achieved breakthroughs in the field of frozen technology, which will be very useful for the intensive manufacturing of bread and pasta to improve the overall efficiency and reduce the overall cost of users, and hence to further promote the industrialization level of the food industry. Angel also promoted its aluminum-free fritters technology, which has been recognized and promoted by the administration departments of the government. The application of this technology not only meets the market's demand for aluminum-free fritters, but also helps reduce the overall cost of users as the products look golden, tastes crispy and absorbs less oil, which brings new opportunities for the development of the fritters industry. In addition, Angel launched  other products at the exhibition including semi dry yeast, F99 frozen dough improvers, bread mix, frozen dough semi-finished stuffed buns mix, Angel complex fritters leavening agents, Austrian Backaldrin raw series, graceland and other products, as well as providing a number of supportive solutions to promote the application of these new technologies. On the first day of the exhibition, the 10th National Baking Skills Competition Finals were held, and Angel Yeast was the title sponsor of the bread section again. Yu Xuefeng, Chairman of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Figure 1: The busy Angel booth Figure 2: Angel's New Soft European Bread and No.1 Toast attracted much attention Figure 3: Chairman Yu and guests of the exhibition Figure 4: Vice President Wang Xishan with customers Figure 5: People at Angel Baking Center Figure 6: Chairman Yu Xuefeng delivering speech at the opening ceremony


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