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India hold three demonstrations

Angel and their Indian customer jointly organized three demonstrations in Calcutta, Indore and Ahmedabad on 24th Sep, 26th Sep and 28th Sep. They provide the latest bread solutions, and popularize products of instant dry yeast, bread improver, instant custard powder, red bean paste etc., more than 200 users participate in the demonstrations.

Bakerdream Vital Wheat Gluten

Bakerdream Vital Wheat Gluten is a kind of cereal protein in light yellow powder extracted from the wheat. It is of a high protein content averagely above 82%(Nx6.25) and being widely used in bakery and meat food industry to improve the quality of the products; it is also being used as a source of high-quality protein for the vegetarian foods.

ANGEL attend Fine Food in Australia

Angel attended Fine Food Melbourne, Australia from 12th Sep. to 15th Sep.