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Angel baking demonstration held in Philippines

Angel baking demonstration held in the capital of Philippines, Manila on Local time Aug, 5th. Many food ingredients like instant dry yeasts, bread improvers, red bean paste and sesame ball raising agent are used in this demonstration.

A new skin care ingredient—Ferment Essence FC01

Ferment Essence FC01 is a magic filtrate extracted from selected glutinous rice from north latitude 30 degrees after the fermentation by natural wine yeast. With the fragrance of natural fermented rice and the appearance of clear and transparent, FC01 can quickly activate skin cells, act with multifunction of anti-aging, moisturizing and whitening.

Semi-dry Yeast perfects frozen dough

SEMI-DRY YEAST is a strain of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) specially designed to ensure optimum stability of yeast activity in frozen dough.