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30 08,2014

New product: Yeast Extract FM808
Recent years, with the application of high-end biotechnology for bio-fermentation industry, such as genetic engineering, metabolic engineering, cell engineering, the raw materials (e.g. yeast extract) for bio-fermentation industry require higher standard and higher quality. For conforming to the development of high-end bio-fermentation industry, Angel Yeast Co., Ltd., as one of the largest global yeast and yeast extract supplier, developed a new product—yeast extract FM808 special for high-end bio-fermentation market. Yeast extract FM808 is made from high quality baker’s yeast extract through special enzymatic technology and strict quality assurance system so that the nutrients could be kept better in yeast extract. Further more, the macromolecule substances which is hard to assimilated by microorganisms have been removed well. The 50 g/L water solution of yeast extract FM808 is bright color, clear and clarity in room temperature and pre or post autoclaving process, which is good for high efficient assimilation of nutrients by microorganisms and beneficial for downstream process/clean fermentation. Fig.1 5% water solution before autoclaving, FM808 is clearer and brighter color than control Fig.2 5% water solution after autoclaving, FM808 is still clearer and brighter color than control Based on those excellent characters, Yeast extract FM808 could well meet the requirements of high-end bio-fermentation such as genetically engineered pharmaceuticals,hyaluronic acids, vaccines, etc. The most important thing is yeast extract FM808 is a kind of high performance, cost effective, consistent between different batches which meet the requirements of high-end bio-fermentation factory.


28 08,2014

Angel Shows Chinese Kungfu at FIPAN Brazil
Brazil, a land of football stars and avid fans, when concluding its world cup, welcomes its largest bakery exhibition FIPAN in Sao Paulo in July 24-26, with baking raw materials manufacturers, machinery and equipment manufacturers, and dealers from Brazil and South America. FIPAN is the most authoritative event of the Brazilian baking industry. Angel demonstrated several brands and varieties of dry yeast, improvers and food ingredients products including angest, gloripan, bakerdream and others.Hang Tao, Deputy General Manager of the Export Department of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, said, 'Angel is the fastest growing company in the global yeast market, and it also has rapid development in the Brazilian market. Angel's high active dry yeast has a good reputation in Brazil for its good quality and stable performance.Angel's baking technology team will also provide various forms of long-term technical services for users in Brazil. ' Participants of this exhibition are users and distributors of the baking industry in Brazil and South America, and through communication, they praised Angel for its quality products but complained about the supply shortage. Making use of the presentations at this exhibition, Jin Feng, Angel's baker, demonstrated the making of bread with angest high sugar yeast and A800 bread improver. His wonderful Chinese bread 'Kungfu' attracted big Brazilian crowds, and the soft and delicious bread he made was very popular. Brazil is the largest bakery market in South America, and bread is a staple food, with an annual consumption of 30 kg or more per capita, which is close to the level of consumption in Europe and America.Due to a shortage of bakers, the frozen dough technology is the development trend of the market.Chinese bread has also been popular in Brazil for its characteristics of being soft and delicious.


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