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Yeast & Baking ingredients

Angel yeast baking ingredients

Angel’s baking products :

baker’s yeast

bread improver


other baking ingredients

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Our Brands
Angel®  Angest®  Eagle®  Gloripan®  Bakerdream® Fabao®

Baking Center
We have set up 12 baking centers in domestic and overseas to provide training service for our customers.

100 Solutions for Bread  


Technical Solutions:
- Provide new recipes and solutions for Bakeries
- Research on Chinese fermented food such as cookies, bun, baozi and youtiao etc.
- Production technology and solutions to bread factories such as Hamburg, pizza, rustic, toast, Instant frozen food etc.


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iba, the world’s most famous baking event opened in Munich

iba, the world's most famous baking exhibition opened in Munich. Angel began to participate in 2005, learning, meeting friends and sharing good ideals. Thanks to iba which promote and witness the internationalization of Angel.

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