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Xian Taste (Umami Taste)




Xian(鲜), composed of Chinese character “鱼”[fish] and “羊”[lamb]. Xian taste expresses the pleasant and delicious taste of an ancient Chinese recipe cooked by fish and lamb. Xian taste is imparted by numerous natural substances like nucleotides, amino acids, rich peptides, I+G, etc., which rounds off all tastes, balances off-notes while maintaining the flavor intensity of low salt products.


In 2015, Angel Yeast launched a series of Xian/Umami Taste YE products. Enriched with amino acids, peptides, nucleotides and other substances with strong Xian/Umami taste properties, these kinds of products work well on improving flavor, masking off-notes, replacing MSG, and reducing salt.


Nowadays, more and more food manufacturers are craving for higher demand for pure and natural Xian/Umami taste YE, such as “Low Salt” ,”Additive-free” sauces, vinegar and so on. Thanks to its pleasant taste, enhanced mouth-filling and natural property, Angel Yeast Extract is widely used by food manufacturers and become a mainstream of Xian/Umami taste source products in the market.


Angel Xian/Umami Taste Yeast Extract: FIG606, FIG12LS, FIG22LS, KU012...

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Angel YE takes the savory taste to the next level at IFT 2019

The 79th annual IFT Food Expo 2019 was held in New Orleans LA, United States, on 3rd June 2019. Angel Yeast Extract Division and Special Enzyme Division took part in the exhibition jointly.

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