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Natural Umami taste

In 2015, Angel launched a series Umami YE products, such as high nucleic acids content YE product, compare to common low salt YE, these products rich in amino acids, peptides and other substances with strong Umami taste. When use in food, it can provide a strong Umami penetration and impact to mouth taste cells . These new products will replace MSG and become mainstream of new Umami souce products in the market in future. At the same time more food products have a higher demand for these new Umami saouce YE. Such as "low salt" sauce,food additive free" soy sauce, vinegar and so on.


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Angel Organizes Post Skill Training for Egyptian Staff

After finished all the training courses in CTGU, Egyptian staff came to Angel factory to receive a further training about YE production. They have showed great passion and interest during the training courses and expected to gain a better understanding about Angel and master skills of YE production.

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