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Feed intake improvement, liver protection and growth promotion - Application of GroPro in micropterus salmoides

July 25th, 2019

By Xiao Xiangqian, Angel Animal Nutrition, China

The addition of GroPro to the diet of micropterus salmoides can not only improve the feeding attractiveness and growth performance of micropterus salmoides, but also protect the liver.

Micropterus salmoides feed has four key evaluation aspects. The first is the appearance quality of the feed. Feed processing technology has a greater impact on this point, such as precipitation, powder rate, water resistance and so on. Secondly, it needs to add flavor substances and adjust feed bulk density. The third is liver health. micropterus salmoides is a congenital fatty liver patient. Preventing liver is a factor to be considered in feed formulation. Fourth, the growth rate, high efficiency feed material is an indispensable part of the feed to improve the growth rate of micropterus salmoides.

The addition of GroPro to the diet of micropterus salmoides can not only improve the feeding attractiveness and growth performance of micropterus salmoides, but also protect the liver. This is because the nutritional and functional components of GroPro are fully released by directional enzymatic hydrolysis technology, which not only has a higher protein digestibility, but also has the functions of inducing food, improving immunity, protecting liver and protecting liver. Nucleotides are one of the most important functional components in GroPro.

1 Effect of yeast nucleotides

1.1 Improves feed intake

Free nucleotides have a strong flavor, which can stimulate the taste of aquatic animals and increase their intake. Moreover, micropterus salmoides is a carnivorous freshwater fish, which is more sensitive to the taste. Therefore, adding nucleated GroPro to micropterus salmoides feed can improve the palatability of the feed.

1.2 Maintains normal liver function

Liver health is very important for micropterus salmoides. Nucleotides can maintain normal liver function. Nucleotides are involved in the regulation of liver protein synthesis, and promote liver growth and lipid metabolism. When the ability of liver to "synthesize" nucleotides from scratch is reduced, it is particularly important to supplement exogenous nucleotides.

1.3 Promotes growth

The possible mechanism of nucleotide in promoting growth is that as a protein kinase, it enhances the activity of metabolic enzymes, induces the synthesis of growth hormone, promotes the synthesis of protein in vivo, and thus leads to weight gain.

1.4 Enhances immunity

In terms of immunity, nucleotides can improve the non-specific immune function of the body by affecting the phagocytosis of macrophages. Adding nucleotides to aquaculture has the greatest advantage of enhancing the tolerance of aquatic animals to the aquaculture environment, which includes water quality, culture density, culture methods and so on.

2 Experiments of GroPro in micropterus salmoides

The Institute of Angel Animal Nutrition and the Institute of Aquatic Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly carried out the application of nucleotide GroPro in the feed of micropterus salmoides. The results showed that the nucleotide GroPro could improve the feeding attractiveness and promote the growth and immunity of micropterus salmoides. The optimum dosage was 1.5%.

The initial weight of micropterus salmoides is 7.69+0.03g. After 8 weeks of cultivation, as shown in the figure above, the addition of GroPro to the diet can significantly improve the intake, feeding rate and specific growth rate of micropterus salmoides.


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