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YeaMOS-Soluble agglutinates pathogens more efficiently

May 21st, 2020

By Xiangqian Xiao

1 Mannan oligosaccharides in yeast

Yeast mannan oligosaccharides exist in the outer layer of yeast cell wall, accounting for 30% of the dry weight of yeast cell wall. The main chain is bound by α - 1,6 glycoside bond, and the branch chain is bound by α - 1,2 or α - 1,3 glycoside bond. This structure is different from the mannan oligosaccharide in plant non starch polysaccharide. The mannan oligosaccharide in non-starch polysaccharide is β - mannan oligosaccharide, which is a linear polysaccharide linked by β - 1,4 glycosidic bond. This is the anti-nutritional factor. In addition, the content of α - 1,4 glucoside bond in the yeast mannan oligosaccharide is very little, while the mannanase and amylase can only digest α - 1,4 glucoside bond, so the yeast mannan oligosaccharide will not be damaged by the enzyme preparation in the feed. Therefore, yeast mannan oligosaccharide is not an antinutritional factor and will not be destroyed by mannanase and amylase, but a prebiotic that can be used by probiotics.

The structure of yeast mannan oligosaccharide is similar to that of its receptor on the intestinal wall, which can competitively agglutinate the pathogen on the intestinal wall. The following two tables show the agglutination effect of yeast mannan oligosaccharide (YeaMOS) on pathogens.


Table 1. Agglutination of YeaMOS on different pathogens


Table 2. The agglutination effect of YeaMOS on pathogens in cecal contents

2 YeaMOS-Soluble agglutinates pathogens more efficiently

In terms of pathogen agglutination, the reason for why YeaMOS-Soluble is more efficient than ordinary yeast mannan oligosaccharide as followed.

First, YeaMOS-Soluble is produced from pure cultured Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The content of mannan oligosaccharide is more than 40% after separation and purification, which is purer and easier to control. In contrast, the content of ordinary yeast mannan oligosaccharide is about 20% without separation and purification.

Second, through Angel Yeast's original deep enzymolysis technology, the release of mannan oligosaccharide active sites is fuller, which can not only fully dissolve in water, but also play a better role in effectively adsorbing pathogens. The agglutination rate of the ordinary yeast mannan oligosaccharide to pathogenic bacteria is low because it has not been enzymolysis and its active site has not been fully exposed.

The following data from Texas Tech University, a third-party scientific research institution, confirm that YeaMOS-Soluble is more efficient in the agglutination of pathogenic bacteria.


Figure 1. Agglutination capacity of different mannan oligosaccharides to Escherichia coli (CFU)


Figure 2. Agglutination capacity of different mannan oligosaccharides to Salmonella (CFU)

As shown in the figure above, YeaMOS-Soluble has the highest agglutination capacity for E. coli and Salmonella, which is the highly activated yeast mannan oligosaccharide.

In conclusion, as YeaMOS-Soluble can agglutinate pathogens in gastrointestinal tract more efficiently, the health of animal intestinal tract can be improved, so as to achieve better immune function of intestinal tract, less intestinal diseases and diarrhea.


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