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How to select yeast products under heat stress in dairy cows

June 10th, 2019

By Xiao Xiangqian, Angel Animal Nutrition, China

Heat stress has a great influence on milk yield, milk quality, reproductive performance and disease occurrence. Commonly used measures to alleviate heat stress include physical cooling, diet optimization, and improved feeding management. A large number of applications have shown that adding yeast-derived functional products to diets can alleviate heat stress in dairy cows in different ways.


1 Yeavita R - special live yeast for ruminant

  • Regulating rumen health.

  • Increasing feed intake.

  • Improving digestibility.

Under heat stress, the intake of dairy cows decreased, the maintenance requirement increased, the saliva secretion decreased, the concentration and proportion of concentrate feed increased, the risk of rumen acidosis increased, the growth of rumen microorganisms was blocked, and the digestibility of feed decreased significantly.

The strains of Fubon special live yeast for ruminant product are screened from rumen, which are special yeast strains for ruminant. On the one hand, ruminant-specific yeast consumes excess oxygen in the rumen to create an anaerobic environment in the rumen, and produces nutrient metabolic factors in the rumen, promotes the growth of rumen Fibrolytic bacteria and fungi, improves the digestibility of forage and stabilizes the intake. On the other hand, RT-PCR showed that ruminant yeast could stabilize rumen pH and prevent acidosis by regulating the balance between lactic acid-producing bacteria and lactic Acid-utilizing bacteria. It was also beneficial to improve digestibility and feed intake. The application results of ruminant yeast in many dairy farms at home and abroad for several years showed that the digestibility and intake of ruminant yeast could be significantly improved under heat stress, and the loss of milk yield per head per day could be reduced by up to 5 kg.

2 YeaMOS - yeast cell wall

  • Improve body metabolism.

  • Increase nutrition absorption.

  • Improve milk fat and milk protein.

Heat stress in summer leads to the decrease of milk fat and milk protein in dairy cows. On the one hand, the decrease of food intake leads to inadequate nutrition intake, on the other hand, more blood flow to the body surface for heat dissipation, resulting in weakened rumen function, insufficient metabolism and reduced nutrient absorption. Yeast cell walls are mainly composed of mannan and beta glucan. The results showed that mannan could promote rumen microbial growth efficiency, increase the production of volatile fatty acids (VFA) and microbial protein (MCP), and increase milk fat and milk protein content. Beta-glucan can absorb pathogenic bacteria and mycotoxins, reduce the damage of pathogenic bacteria and mycotoxins to rumen microorganisms, and stabilize rumen normal metabolic function. The application of yeast cell wall in many dairy farms at home and abroad showed that the addition of yeast cell wall could increase milk fat and milk protein content by 0.2-0.3 percentage points, and significantly reduce the total number of bacteria and somatic cells in milk and improve milk quality.

3 YeaSel - selenium yeast

  • Enhance immunity.

  • Increase antioxidant.

  • Reduce somatic cells.

  • Increase conception rate.

During summer heat stress, the immunity of dairy cows decreased, the somatic cells increased and the conception rate decreased. Compared with other seasons, the conception rate in summer decreased by 50-60%.

As an organic selenium source, yeast selenium was not easily affected by rumen microorganisms in rumen. It was digested and absorbed in the form of selenomethionine in rumen, and its bioavailability was significantly higher than that of sodium selenite. The results showed that yeast selenium could improve the specific and non-specific immunity, enhance the disease resistance, reduce the incidence of mastitis, and reduce the number of somatic cells in milk. The yeast cell wall has been used repeatedly in many dairy farms at home and abroad: 30-50% can be reduced by somatic cells.

Summer heat stress leads to more blood flow to the body surface for skin heat dissipation, blood flow through the intestinal tract significantly reduced. When intestinal cells lack oxygen and energy supplied by blood, they produce large amounts of reactive oxygen species. On the one hand, reactive oxygen species (ROS) destroy intestinal cell membrane, damage cell structure and function, affect the absorption and utilization of nutrients; on the other hand, make hormone metabolism disorder, affect the metabolism of the body. Selenium, as a component of the glutathione peroxidase active center, participates in the antioxidant system of the body. Yeast selenium can improve the body's antioxidant capacity, maintain the structure and function of intestinal cells, but also improve the absorption of nutrients.

Yeast selenium can deposit more in tissues and organs because of its high utilization rate. As a component of sperm cell membrane, it can effectively protect sperm and improve the sperm viability and integrity of breeding bulls. For cows, yeast selenium participates in the regulation of reproductive hormones, which is beneficial to fertilization and embryo implantation, and improves the pregnancy rate of cows. At the same time, the antioxidant capacity of yeast selenium can also help embryo development and improve reproductive performance.


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