Application of yeast derivatives in wine making

March, 29, 2018

By Fangfang


In recent years, wine making additives based on yeast derivatives have been widely used within the enological industry to improve wine fermentation and wine quality. Yeast derivatives includes inactive yeast, yeast autolysates, yeast extract, yeast cell walls and mannoproteins.Yeast derivatives have been used as alcoholic fermentation enhancers, malolactic fermentation enhancers and organoleptic enhancers.


Inactive yeast, whichis obtained by thermal inactivation prior to drying,has nitrogen nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace element that promotes alcoholic fermentation and yeast multiplication and growth, avoids stuck or sluggish fermentations. Inactivated yeast provides nutrients for yeast growth, helps yeast survival at the end of fermentation, releases polysaccharides and increases volume and mouthfeel.

Angel Yeast has different functional inactive products, such as FN401, FN405, FN401G. FN401G is a special inactive yeast product, that is rich in glutathione(GSH). Glutathione is an important antioxidant preventing wine browning and aroma lossing.


Yeast autolysates are derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast biomass by autolysis or combined with heat treatment. Yeast autolysates have freer amino acids than inactive yeast.Yeast autolysates are used as nutrients during the rehydration of dry yeasts and also as nutrients during alcoholic fermentation. FN301 is yeast autolysate product.


Yeast extract is the soluble extract after the total degradation of the cytoplasmic content.Yeast extract is the excellent organic nitrogen nutrient to wine yeast during alcoholic fermentation. This yeast preparation richs in free amino acids, small peptides and provides assimilable nitrogen to yeast multiplication and growth, and avoids stuck or sluggish fermentation. Amino acids are also aromatic precursors to synthesize higher alcohols, acetates and esters. This yeast derivative provides natural nitrogen for yeast to face the stressful conditions (high sugars, lack of nutrition) and inhibits the production of negative aroma (H2S).

Angel Yeast have different organic nitrogen products, such as FN502, FN503, FN502G and FN502GH. FN502G and FN502GH are rich in glutathione. They have two functions: nutrient and antioxidant.


Yeast cell wall or yeast hulls is the insoluble component of yeast walls excluding the cytoplasmic content. It represents 18-30% of the yeast dry weight.Yeast cell wall is made of 30-60% polysaccharides,15-30% proteins, 5-20% lipids and a small amount of chitin.

During wine fermentation, yeast cell wall absorbs harmful compounds (octanoic, decanoic acid and ochratoxin A) and provides growth and survival factors (sterols, unsaturated fatty acids), optimizes the fermentation performance, effectively avoidsstuck or sluggish fermentations. Angel yeast has yeast cell wall CW101and CW201.


Yeast mannoproteins is very important in wine making, which is derived from yeast cell wall with a molecular weight ranging from 40 to 250 kDa. In wine, mannoproteins have three sources: released by yeast during alcoholic fermentation, released during yeast autolysis process, artificially added.

Mannoproteins as one yeast polysaccharides has the following enological functions: (a) adsorption of ochratoxin A, (b) reduction bitterness, (c) stimulation of malolactic fermentation, (d) inhibition of tartrate salt crystallization, (e) preventionof haze, (f) enhancementaromatic components. Currently commercially available yeast polysaccharide products have Angel Yeast Polysaccharides FP22 and Mannoproteins MP60. Angel Yeast mannoprotein MP60 superior to some European products, and won the European winemakers praise.

At present, Angelyeast Co., Ltd. is the world's largest manufacturer of yeast extract, and the world's top three yeast producers. It has rich, high-quality wine making ingredients that are exported to 20 countries, such as Italy, France, Germany, Spain, American, Chile, and Brazil.

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