Fruit Vinegar Fermentation Assistant—Nutrition Salt(Angel Yeast)

May 25th, 2020

By Zhaofei Li

Vinegar is a liquid seasoning obtained by acetic acid fermentation of alcohol. The alcohol is obtained by fermentation of various sugar sources, such as fruit, rice, chinese sorghum. Among this, fruit vinegar is special, both in the thousands of years history and complex fruit aroma. Its health performance is better than that of grain vinegar. Although the main ingredient of vinegar is acetic acid, it also contains amino acids, organic acids, sugars and aroma components, which bring out a unique and distinct flavor.


The Potential Fermentation Problems of Fruit Vinegar

Fruit vinegar is mainly fermented by fruits or various leftovers. First, yeast feed on the sugar from fruits, the liquid ferments into alcohol. The alcohol is then exposed to oxygen and the acetic acid bacteria to ferment again over weeks or months, forming vinegar.

All-liquid fermentation is a commonly used method in fruit vinegar fermentation.

The method has good sanitary conditions, easy control conditions, easy operation and management. But the liquid fermentation also has some problems.

Ø First, you need to speed up the fermentation process and shorten the fermentation cycle. Excessive fermentation cycle will increase the risk of contamination and production costs.

Ø Second, you need to make the fermentation complete and stable. A perfect fermentation will make the final vinegar not only have nutritional value, but also have typical vinegar characteristic and fruit aroma.

How to Use Nutrition Salt Solve the Problems

Due to lack of some nutrients and trace elements in fruit, the acetic acid bacteria may reduce reproduction and metabolic processes. We need to supplement the nutrition to strengthen the fermentation process.

Angel Nutrition Salt AC01

Application: fruit vinegar, rice vinegar and alcohol vinegar.

Characteristics: off white to yellow in color, soluble in water, slight yeast odor.

Dosage:0.5~1. 0‰ of initial fermentation volume, 1. 0~1. 5‰ of feed volume.

Instructions: use after dissolving.

Shelf life: 12 months, store in cool and dry place.

Angel® stands for customized formulation due to a well-balanced mixture of high quality ingredients like mineral salts, dextrose, vitamins, trace elements and yeast extract. Nutrition Salt AC01 provides nutrients suitable for fruit vinegar from traditional methods to modern liquid processes.

By using Nutrition Salt AC01, we can shorten the fermentation period of fruit vinegar and improve the stability of production.

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