Glutathione/GSH: How to protect the aroma and color of wine

Apr 23th, 2020

By Yinhu Xu

The addition of G-IDY(Inactived yeast rich in glutathione)in juice increased the GSH, GSSH and total glutathione concentrations of wine, and the 300 mg/L G-IDY performed the most significant improvement. The application of g-IDY also exhibited a significantly positive effect on the color of wine and increased the total phenol content of wine. Furthermore, g-IDY can increase the antioxidant activities of wine.

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Part 1. The application of glutathione in wine making has been recognized by OIV

Since the discovery of the antioxidant properties of GSH, GSH has been used in the food industry as a pure natural antioxidant. GSH can protect many aromatic compounds in fruit juices and wine, preventing the formation of bad flavor and color to grow old.

OIV has approved the regulations for the use of GSH in winemaking as follows:

OIV-OENO 603-2018



Part 2. Yeast is one of the major sources of glutathione

Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide of L-glutamate, L-cysteine and glycine. GSH is widely found in animals and plants, especially in yeast.


In recent years, with the in-depth study of GSH, the developed GSH products mainly include inactive yeast, yeast extract, etc., which are widely used in brewing, baking, flavoring, medicine, health care, cosmetics and other fields.

Comparison of GSH in Angel and other commercial yeast extract products


Part 3. Aroma and color are important indicators of a good wine

Color and aroma are the two key indicators of fine wine. During the winemaking and storage stage, oxidation reaction will be accompanied all the time, and the fruity aroma of the wine will gradually decrease, and the color will become dark and dim, which will eventually affect the feeling of consumers, Traditionally, tannins, sulfur dioxide and inert gases have been used to improve the antioxidant properties of wines, but there are various shortcomings. Therefore, it is of great value to study the protective effect of GSH on wine.

GSH can prevent the decrease of these important aroma compounds and also has a certain protective effect on many pleasant aroma components.


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Part 4: Study on the antioxidant activity of glutathione in wine

Our team, in collaboration with professor Mingtao Fan of Northwest a&f university, conducted a study on the antioxidant activity of GSH in wine, demonstrating that adding 300mg/L of GSH-rich inactive yeast significantly improved the color, aroma and antioxidant capacity of wine during winemaking.


Picture results above displays the experimental data about the CIE L* a* b* parameters of ten treatments. Among the wines fermented with pomace, the addition of 100-500 mg/L g-IDY to kiwi juice significantly increased the L* (lightness) value of kiwi wine and the 300 mg/L g-IDY treated wine had the most remarkable effect. These results were in agreement with these obtained by other authors (Andujar-Ortiz, Angeles Pozo-Bayon, et al., 2012; González-Royo et al., 2016). All wines had negative red-greenness (a*) value and positive yellow-blueness (b*) value, indicating that all wines were yellow-green (Gil-Muñoz et al., 1997).

For detailed research report, please click the link below


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