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How to Make a Favourful Alcohol with Angel Active Dry Yeast Spirit LiteUsing Sugar as the Raw Material

Published by Bei Liao.

Editied by George Hu.

Angel active dry yeast spirit lite is a compound fermentor for various drinking wines made from sugar, which has the characteristics of fast fermentation and can enhance the flavour of alcohol.


There are many kinds of raw materials used to make alcohol, mainly divided into two categories, one is raw materials containing starch, such as corn, rice, wheat, etc., and the other is raw materials containing sugar, such as sugar cane juice, hydrolysed sugar, various fruit juices, etc. Yeast is the fermenting agent for making alcohol, which can convert sugar into alcohol, but because yeast strains have diversity, different yeasts have different efficiency in utilising sugar, and fermentation for sugar-containing raw materials requires yeast to be more capable of utilising fructose. In the fermentation of sugary raw materials, nutrition is essential, especially in high sugar fermentation conditions. And the ratio of nutrients is required to vary depending on the yeast used.


Angel active dry yeast Spirit Lite is made of specififically selected high-quality alcohol yeast strains and a special blend of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, applicable for sugar fermentation and performing excellently under most conditions. It is a yeast and nutrient pack especially designed to produce alcohol with high fermentation speed and ferments to high alcohol levels. It is suitable for the fermentation with alcohol concentration of 11~15%. The specific application data are in the following table:


Through the above application, we can clearly understand how to use the correct application of Angel active dry yeast Spirit Lite to make alcohol, we believe you will be able to make excellent flavour alcohol.

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