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How to use Angel Leaven (yellow label) correctly?

June 20th, 2020

By Wenqiang Nie

Angel Leaven (yellow label angel yeast) is a specially selected high-quality alcohol yeast strain and complex nutrients and enzymes for alcohol beverage fermentation, it is suitable for the production of all kinds of starch raw materials under cooking and non-cooking process. It has the characteristics of easy to use, strong applicability, stable quality and safety.

Comparing with Yeast+enzyme, angel leaven has obvious advantages, such as easy operation, good for preservation and stable quality. More importantly, lots of experiments certificated that the Angel leaven has more scientific formula, high yield, and the liquor produced by the Angel leaven is stable and tastes good.


So, how to use the Angel Leaven?

For non-cooking process


100 kg (220 lb) of rice, corn or other grain

250-300 kg (550-660 lb) of hot water

0.3-0.6 kg (0.66-1.32 lb) of Angel leaven (yellow label)


1) Mill the grain (ideally to use small course pieces), and mix the dry grain with 250-300kg (550-660 lb) of hot water.

2) Add 0.5-0.8kg (1.10-1.76Ib) of Angel leaven (yellow label) after the temperature is naturally cooled to about 32℃ (90°F) (mix to prevent from sedimentation).

3) Evenly mix, and ferment for 8-15 days.

4) Mix twice every day in the first three days (please ensure the temperature is 28-36℃ (82-97 °F)).

5) The optimal fermentation temperature is about 32℃ (90°F), in the short period, the highest fermentation temperature shall not be over 38℃ (100°F), and take the heat insulation measure when the temperature is below 26℃ (79°F).

For Cooking process


100kg(220lb) of rice, corn or other grain

0.3-0.6kg(0.66-1.32lb) of Angel leaven (yellow label)


1. Solid fermentation of cooked grain:

1) Soak the grain, and steam them again after the primary steaming, then take the grain out of steamer, cooling them to 24-28℃ (82-108°F).

2) Dissolve 0.3-0.6kg (0.66-1.32lb) of Angel leaven into 6kg (13.2 lb) of 32-35℃(90-95°F) warm water, soak for 10 minutes and reduce the temperature to 28-30℃ (82-86°F), and then evenly douse it on the grain mash.

3) Evenly mix and put them into the 24-30℃ (75-86°F) tank.

4) The fermentation temperature should be 28-36℃ (82-97°F ), and the fermentation time is 4-15 days.

2. For liquid fermentation of cooked grain:

1) Soak the cooked grain in water.

2) Add Angel leaven (yellow label) in the 30-32℃ (86-90°F ) water.

3) Mix for 10 minutes and seal.

4) Ferment for 4-8 days.

III) Caution for un-cooking and un-steaming brewing:

1. Granular grain and broken rice can be used to directly ferment, but the fermentation cycle should be prolonged appropriately.

2. Fermentation time is related to material type, material reduction degree, distiller's yeast dosage and temperature. The fermentation time of general un-cooked materials will be shorter when the reduction degree is small, and the distiller's yeast consumption will be higher in that case; contrarily, the fermentation time will be relatively longer.

Have you learned to use angel leaven?

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Published by Wenqiang Nie

Application engineer

Angel Distilled spirits and Biofuels Division

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