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Using Pectinases for More Efficient Maceration in Red Winemaking

Published by Hui Li, edited by George Hu.

21st December, 2023.

How to make red wine have a rich aroma, more anthocyanins, and a structured mouthfeel has always been a major concern for winemakers. The flavor compounds and anthocyanins in wine mainly come from the grape skin cells. Winemakers can improve the quality of wine by controlling the maceration of grape skins.However, due to the complex structure of grape skin cells, the cross-linking of polygalacturonase, arabinan, galactan, cellulose, hemicellulose, and protein hinders the release of anthocyanins and flavor substances, and also reduces the fruit juice yield. Therefore, it is necessary to add enzymes to degrade pectin, cellulose and other substances in the wine brewing process to improve juice yield, anthocyanins, and flavour substances.


Due to the complex structure of grape peel cells, it is difficult for a single enzyme to directly reach the action site, and it is difficult to effectively degrade pectin and cellulose. For example, methylated polygalacturonic acid must be demethylated by pectin methylesterase Polygalacturonase can take further action only after it is melted; only after the pectin-wrapped cellulose is degraded, cellulase can reach the action site for degradation, so choosing the best combination of enzymes is particularly critical.


By optimizing the combination of various enzyme activities, we have developed a pectinase PT-EX with outstanding maceration effect. PT-EX has a strong maceration ability, and more anthocyanins are released from grape skin cells into wine , improve the wine chroma, thereby improving the quality of the wine. PT-EX can increase the juice yield of grape fruit, reduce the turbidity of wine, and increase the total anthocyanins and chroma of wine.


The effectiveness of using PT-EX in Cabernet Sauvignon (CK: without pectinase)

free sample.png

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