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How to make yeast flakes well-known at home and abroad?

30 Dec, 2021

By Dong Yunhai

In addition to the use of yeast as a fermentation strain, a variety of application scenarios have been developed for the application of yeast in the modern food industry. YE (yeast extract) is an important raw material for food flavor. Active Saccharomyces Boulardii can act as a probiotic in the gastrointestinal tract. Yeast can also be used to enrich nutrients for food nutrition fortification, such as selenium-enriched yeast, chromium-enriched yeast, glutathione-enriched yeast, etc. A variety of nutritional active ingredients can also be extracted from yeast, such as yeast β-glucan and yeast protein. In addition, inactivated yeast can be used directly as a high-quality food or food ingredient. At present, there are two main types of whole-cell inactive yeast: yeast powder obtained by spray drying, and yeast flakes obtained by drum drying, which will be highlighted in this article.

The fluid yeast paste is evenly spread on the high-temperature drum. After heating and drying, the inactivated yeast will form a layer of flake with certain strength on the surface of the drum due to its rich polysaccharide. The flakes are shoveled and evenly broken into flakes the same size as snowflakes to obtain the yeast flakes. The yeast flakes have a unique form, and due to the high-temperature toasting by the drum, they have a strong nut-like toasted aroma, and a crispy chewing experience in the mouth with a delicious taste. In addition, the whole-cell yeast is rich in nutrients: low sugar, low fat, high protein, high dietary fiber, more than 45% of protein content, and about 20% of dietary fiber, as well as rich in vitamins and minerals.

Yeast flakes

Yeast flakes are very popular in European and American countries. It can be eaten directly or used as sprinkles in various foods, such as sandwiches, salads, popcorn, and pasta. On the one hand, its unique flavor and taste enrich the sensory experience of food; another reason is that yeast flakes are rich in nutrients, and it can act as a superfood. Vegetarianism is popular in western countries, with an increasing number of people. However, the vegetarian diet structure makes vegetarians prone to lack of B vitamins and some minerals, especially vitamin B12. Yeast flakes are excellent food material for B vitamins and minerals, and suitable for vegetarians to obtain comprehensive nutrition.

However, this kind of seasoned or ready-to-eat food rarely exists in China and even the whole oriental food culture. The author believes that, on the one hand, it is because the choice of cooking methods and seasonings is different. In oriental diet, there are many seasonings that provide umami taste, such as soy sauce, chicken essence and oyster sauce, so that they do not need it to provide umami taste. On the other hand, flake yeast has a strong flavor when being directly eaten. For Chinese people who are persistent in eating and are very picky about flavors and tastes of food, yeast flakes are not popular.

As a high-quality nutritional food, yeast flakes are particularly suitable for contemporary urban consumers. By introducing it into the domestic market, people with weight management and meal replacement, people with excessive energy consumption, people with protein deficiency, people with low immunity, vegetarians, people with indigestion and people of other styles can find the matching point in yeast flakes for their demand.

The author believes that yeast flakes can be popular in the domestic market after solving the problems in two aspects: on the one hand, it is to develop the eating scenarios of yeast flakes. Whether it is eaten directly, mixed with ingredients, or added to various snack foods as ingredients, expanding the application scope of yeast flakes in food can make it reach more consumers. On the other hand, how to reduce the strong flavor of yeast flakes and make it more in line with the flavor preferences of Chinese is the key to making consumers accept it and making it be further promoted.

As the largest yeast manufacturer in China, Angel Yeast has always been focused on expanding the application of yeast nutrition in food. Yeast flakes have been exported overseas for many years, so a lot of product development and manufacturing experience has been accumulated. In recent years, the company has been committed to promoting yeast flakes to the domestic market, entering thousands of households, giving full play to the nutritional advantages of yeast and serving every consumer with nutrition and delicacy. At present, the company has developed a series of ready-to-eat yeast (convenience food) products, which are specially designed for office workers working day and night to provide support for their hard work. In addition, our company is also trying to apply yeast flakes to various snack foods, which can not only reduce the salt taste and increase the umami, but also enrich nutrition. Enjoy the delicacy and health at the same time. Under development, coming soon!


Published by Dong Yunhai

Senior Engineer of Nutrition and Health Division

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