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Microbial Magic in Plants Legenseng Fermented Ginseng

"Holy product" of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years

Ginseng holds a revered status in traditional Chinese medicine, owing to its extensive historical usage and wide array of therapeutic benefits. Its continued popularity stems from its potential to promote overall health and well-being.

One of the key attributes of ginseng is its adaptogenic properties, which enable the body to better handle physical and mental stress. It is commonly sought after for its ability to enhance the immune system, increase energy levels, enhance cognitive function, and contribute to overall vitality.

Ginseng is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which can safeguard cells from damage and help prevent the onset of chronic ailments. Furthermore, it is recognized for its potential to enhance blood circulation, regulate blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol. Ginseng is often employed to support healthy aging, augment sexual function, and boost fertility.

How much of ginseng did you waste?

Ginseng, a highly valuable tonic with significant medicinal properties, often goes to waste due to two inherent flaws in traditional consumption methods.

Firstly, ginseng can be potentially harmful to individuals if consumed in excessive or improper doses. This can lead to various adverse reactions such as dry mouth, nosebleeds, boils, irritability, insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, and forgetfulness, which are commonly regarded as symptoms of excessive internal heat.

Secondly, the utilization rate of ginsenosides, the active compounds in ginseng, is quite low. These ginsenosides can only be effectively absorbed and utilized by the body after being decomposed and digested by intestinal flora. Therefore, traditional cooking methods like stewing, boiling, and soaking in wine often fail to guarantee the complete extraction of the ginseng's active ingredients, thus limiting the nutritional and medicinal value that can be derived from it.

Legenseng Ferments Ginseng -Leveraging technology to enhance ginseng's potential

Fermentation is a process that utilizes specific microbial growth and metabolic characteristics to obtain various substances. In the case of ginseng, modern biotechnology allows for the conversion of regular ginseng into fermented ginseng through microbial fermentation. This fermentation process works at the molecular level to restructure ginsenosides, the active compounds in ginseng. By doing so, it not only reduces the astringent properties of ginseng but also significantly enhances its bioavailability.

Angel yeast, for instance, employs microorganisms that are native to the Changbai Mountain ginseng region for the biotransformation of ginsenosides. By leveraging the activities of yeast and lactic acid bacteria, the sugar chains attached to ginsenosides are hydrolyzed by glycosidases produced by these microorganisms. This transformation converts regular saponins, which are known to be difficult to absorb and utilize, into rarer saponins that exhibit enhanced absorption and utilization properties.

Legenseng fermented ginseng--offers expanded possibilities for ginseng tonics.

Fermented ginseng is characterized by a yellow to yellow-brown color, with a uniform, finely powdered consistency and a distinct ginseng flavor. In comparison to regular ginseng, fermented ginseng has reduced bitterness and astringency, making it much more enjoyable for consumers to consume.

One of the advantages of fermented ginseng is that it easily dissolves in water, resulting in a clear liquid. This allows for its incorporation into various beverages and culinary creations. Additionally, fermented ginseng can withstand high temperatures without losing its potency, making it suitable for usage in a wide range of food applications.

Overall, fermented ginseng offers a delightful sensory experience with its appealing color, smooth consistency, and unmistakable ginseng flavor. Its reduced bitterness and astringency, combined with its versatility in both liquid and cooked formats, make it an excellent choice for those looking to incorporate ginseng into their diet in a more enjoyable and convenient way.

Application of Fermented Ginseng

1. Coffee

Compared to traditional ginseng, fermented ginseng combined with coffee is specifically designed to maximize efficacy. This unique combination offers several benefits, including the ability to lower blood lipids and prevent acute liver injury.

The synergistic blend of fermented ginseng and coffee has been found to have a positive impact on lipid profiles. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with high cholesterol levels or those at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Furthermore, fermented ginseng coffee has demonstrated efficacy in preventing acute liver injury. The combination of fermented ginseng and coffee possesses hepatoprotective properties, which can help protect the liver from damage caused by toxins or medications.

Fermented Ginseng Coffee

2. Chocolate

Fermented ginseng chocolate is a potential innovation that combines the benefits of chocolate and fermented ginseng. Chocolate, known for its rich flavor and high calorie content, provides a source of energy and helps alleviate physical fatigue. Cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, contains polyphenols and alkaloids that contribute to improved blood circulation and antioxidant effects.

Similarly, fermented ginseng also shares bitterness and anti-fatigue properties with chocolate. By incorporating fermented ginseng into the creation of chocolate, it is possible to explore the potential benefits of fermented ginseng chocolate.

Fermented Ginseng chocolate

3. Beverages

Unlike regular ginseng, fermented ginseng has undergone a fermentation process that enhances its water solubility. This means that it can dissolve more easily in water, resulting in a clear liquid. This quality makes fermented ginseng highly suitable for use in beverage applications.

The enhanced water solubility of fermented ginseng allows for its convenient incorporation into a wide range of beverages, including teas, health drinks, and functional beverages. Whether it is used as a powder or in extract form, fermented ginseng can easily mix with water without leaving any undesirable residue or affecting the clarity of the beverage.

Fermented Ginseng Plant beverage

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