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Analysis of the trend about using yeast extract powder to replace yeast extract paste

May 7, 2019

By Yinqiang

Yeast extract is a common organic nutrient source for microbial culture in the bio-fermentation industry. Lots of users use yeast extract paste rather than yeast extract powder.

In fact, there are many inconveniences in the use of yeast extract paste. In the past, the production technology of yeast extract was not good, and the microbial content in the production process was too high. In order to avoid spoilage, yeast extract formed a habitual standard of low moisture content. Yeast extract paste is too thick and has poor fluidity, especially when the weather is cold, yeast extract is basically in a state of solidification.

Analysis of the trend about using yeast extract powder to replace yeast extract paste

Some users have to soak yeast extract paste in hot water in the winter, or heat it with steam, and sometimes even the package of yeast extract paste must be cut, then added to the tank.

Professional manufacturers, such as Angel Yeast, have technical advantages, and the fluidity of yeast extract paste is good generally (but some users wrongly think it has excessive moisture), but the packaging drum must be cleaned after use it, otherwise there would be a lot of residue in the drum, and it would cause waste. Therefore, the workload of the batching process is still very heavy, and the used packaging drum must also be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise it will easily contaminated by bacteria on the site, which is not conducive to the on-site management of fermentation production.

The dissolution rate of yeast extract paste in water is also very slow. Some manufacturers have found that yeast extract paste is not completely dissolved, and the material is pumped into the continuous sterilization device, which causes the yeast extract paste to coke in the heat exchanger and block the condenser.

The use of yeast extract powder is much more convenient. The weighing of powdered products is relatively accurate, the addition is convenient, the cutting of the package can be dumped, and there is no problem of poor fluidity of the yeast extract. In addition, 1kg of yeast extract powder can generally replace 1. 5 kg yeast extract paste, which means the amount of material is smaller, the labor intensity is lower, and there is no need to clean the barrel, which is convenient for on-site management and saves labor.

However, many customers have a lot of misunderstandings about yeast extract powder:

1. Some people think that yeast extract powder is dried at high temperature, there will be a lot of loss of nutrients, and the effect is not as good as yeast extract paste.

In fact, this view is still somewhat reasonable in the products of some small manufacturers. The technical level of the concentration equipment and drying equipment of the small factory is very low, it is difficult to guarantee the low temperature control during the concentration and drying process, but the production equipment and technical level of Angel Yeast are completely in line with the international level. In particular, the spray drying equipment and process are specially designed according to the production requirements of yeast extract. The liquid yeast extract to be dried only needs a short concentration time to satisfy the drying process. Meanwhile, yeast extract powder use high temperature instantaneous drying, although the wind temperature is not low, but the product temperature is very low, the nutrient loss of yeast extract powder in the drying process is much less than the nutrient loss caused by the long-term concentration of yeast extract paste.

2. The cost of using yeast extract powder is higher.

The unit price of yeast extract powder is indeed higher than yeast extract paste, but as mentioned above, the nutrient content of Angel yeast extract powder is much less than the processing loss of yeast extract paste, and it is more convenient or less usage during use. Better fermentation yield and more customer value, so the high unit price of yeast extract powder doesn’t mean the high cost of use.

3. Yeast extract powder is inconvenient to dissolve, more dust, and easy to absorb moisture.

Angel yeast extract powder is micro-granulated, and the dust is less.

The micro-granulated yeast extract powder has a small surface area, is fast dissolved in water, and is not easy to clump, and the micro-granulated yeast extract powder is not easy to absorb moisture, and has no effect on the compounding process; Yeast extract powder can be sealed and stored in the bag at the same time, and the quality before the next use can be guaranteed.

However, for the yeast extract powder product which has not been subjected to granulation treatment, the particle size is too fine, and the surface area per unit weight of the product is large, so that it is easy to absorb moisture. It is easy to hold in the water, and the dissolution rate is not as good as the yeast extract paste.

In fact, Angel Yeast also has a product that can replace yeast extract paste, which is a low concentration of liquid yeast extract, usually in tons of packaging. The high-temperature treatment process of the liquid yeast extract is basically equivalent to the yeast extract powder, the nutrient content is better preserved, the use effect is not weaker than the yeast extract powder, and the use cost has some advantages. The liquid yeast extract has been into the international market. The sales are good, especially for users with large dosages. However, the liquid product has high sterility requirements in the production, processing and transportation, and the shelf life is short. The production technology, logistics management and warehouse management level of the supply and demand sides have high requirements, and domestic users may be limited by The limitations of logistics conditions, storage conditions, and some traditional habits, the level of awareness of this liquid yeast extract is still relatively low, but Angel also hopes to have more users to try such products.

Yeast extract paste

Yeast extract powder

Production process

Longer time of concentration cause longer time of Maillard reaction and losses of nutrients

Shorter time of concentration and spray drying; Less losses of nutrients.


Maillard reaction breaks sugar and amino compound

Nutrients are saved maximally.

Higher content of growth factors.

Benefit for the growth of microorganisms.


Around 40% content of moisture;

Dark substances would be formed under high temperature condition

Moisture content is less than 6%;

Light color and good solubility in water.


Easier to be contaminated by bacteria;

Waste labor and cost; Easy to be affected by temperature;

Difficult to control the dosage.

Good consistency;

Reduce the cost of labor and others.

Easy to use.


Higher delivery cost

Easier for delivery and stock


Published by Yin Qiang

Senior manager of Angel Yeast APAC Division

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