Boosting the probiotics, Angel microbial nutrition provide a solution

From 19 to 21 Jan, 2018, 3rd New technology of biological feed fermentation and Application Conference of microecological preparation, which was organized by CFPII (China Food and Pharmaceutical Industry Institute) and Quality supervision and Testing Center for microbiological products of the Ministry of Agriculture, successfully held in Taian, Shandong, China.
Over 120 experts and representatives on behalf of biological feed fermentation and microecological preparation indsutry attended this conference. Mr Wang Chao, vice director of microbial nutrition R&D center of Angel Yeast, made a presentation together with other experts such as Mr Liang Yunxiang and Mr Chen Zhenmin, both of whom are Professors from Central China Agricultural University.
In a special report <Boosting effect of organic nitrogen source in feed grade probiotics>, Mr Wang Chao highlight some successful application cases of some microecological preparation companies who consume Angel microbial nutrition products including yeast extract and yeast peptone, as well as the unique advantages of R&D, production, quality control, capacity and technical service. Attendees commented that the report brighten their mind and extend their vision meanwhile some actual difficulties can be solved after learning this report.
通过本次参会,进一步提升了安琪在益生菌领域的良好形象,推进了产品和技术应用。微生物营养事业部将进一步深入研究和开拓更多细分应用领域。报道 1月19日至21日,由中国食品医药产业研究院、农业部微生物产品质量监督检验测试中心联合主办的第三届生物饲料发酵实用新技术与微生态制剂应用大会在山东省泰安市举办。来自生物饲料发酵及微生态制剂应用领域的行业专家、代表120余人参会。安琪微生物营养研究所副所长王超与华中农业大学梁运祥教授、陈振民教授等行业专家同台作报告。

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