The first choice of fermentation culture medium-Baker's yeast extract


Usually made from high protein baker’s yeast or brewer’s yeast, yeast extract which is rich in peptides, amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins and trace elements could be obtained after special process, such as autolysis, enzymolysis, separation, concentration, spray drying, etc. It is a kind of high quality complex nutrient source for microoganisms and widely used in microbial fermentation and culture media because of rich nutrients in it.

 Especially yeast extract from baker’s  yeast, it perform many advantages compared with other sources of yeast extract.The main advantages of baker’s yeast extract was summarized as below:

 Safe and stable

Brewer’s yeast extract is made from waste yeast mud which is a kind of by-product of brewer production. On one hand, the quality of this kind of yeast extract could not be guaranteed and appear low consistency among different batches. On the other hand, the production of brewers include gluten (a kind of allergen) so that it has some risks. Further more, the production of brewer’s yeast extract is easily contaminated by Bacillus thermophilus and would be harmful for users.

Baker’s yeast extract is made from molasses and obtained through primary grown of baker’s yeast (food grade). It is certified by Kosher and Halal with Non-GMO, Non-pathogen, Non-allergen and custom taboo. The production system of baker’s yeast extract is automatic, it could reduce HCE(Human caused error), narrow the difference among different batches and keep safety/stability of the products.

Rich and balanced nutrients, controlled with quantization

Baker’s yeast extract include rich nutrients for microoganisms growth and metabolism, such as peptides, amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins and trace elements. Generally, the content of proteins in baker’s yeast extract are higher than 60% and amino acids are higher than 30% compared with 20% amino acids from brewer’s yeast extract. The content of vitamin B group in baker’s yeast extract is twice than brewer’s yeast extract. Further more, baker’s yeast extract is also rich in trace elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, etc. All above nutrients are essential for the growth and metabolites expression of microoganisms. That means baker’s yeast extract include “complete”nutrients. In fermenting production.

Good solubility and clean in production

Advanced low-temperature vacuum concentration process and special spry drying together with Fluidized bed granulation technology, adopted in production of baker’s yeast extract, could reduce pigment level and the loss of nutrients caused by Maillard reaction. Good solubility of yeast extract could guarantee all the nutrients are liquidation so that the nutrients could be easily assimilated by microoganisms, so the growth and metabolism of microoganisms could be improved. Further more, good solubility is better for downstream process and less residual would be left after production. But generally, the production of brewer’s yeast extract is small scale and extensive, the quality is not so good as baker’s yeast extract.

Widely used and high efficient

Baker’s yeast extract could be used in high efficient propagation with high performance: fast-growing biomass, robust microorganisms and high metabolic activity.

Baker’s yeast extract could be used in production of amino acids and organic acids: improve specific growth rate, shorten culturing time, increase yields and less useless metabolites.

Baker’s yeast extract could also be widely used in recombinant proteins expression, vaccines production and recombinant microoganisms and increase input-output ratio.

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