[Product news] Yeast extract FM888

After several rounds of improvement, yeast extract FM888 was luanch into international market outside of China.  So many oversea companies show deep interests to FM888 because of its high solubility (40% water solution is clear and clarity), light color, low endotoxin and rich nutrients for microorganisms.  This product can be specially used in bio-pharmaceutical and dehydrated culture medium industry.

Compared with other same series products, yeast extract FM888 perform higher solubility and better growth promotion to microorganisms and cells. We gave FM888 a nickname "Nuclear missle", that means this product will have a good affection to the market and can compete with other competitors well.

With the development of biotechnology and microbial fermentation, FM888 will be widely used in biotechnology field.

Fig.1. Clear and clarity water solution of yeast extract FM888 

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