How to plant high quality and high yield lettuce

DEC. 31, 2020

By Jane

Songming County, located in the central part of Yunnan Province, has a typical mixed climate of temperate zone, warm temperate zone and north subtropical zone.


Lettuce is crisp, taste fresh with fragrance. In the modern time, people eat more meats apparently, lettuce brings relaxed and fresh taste feeling. As in November the weather is getting cold and the growing period is getting longer, the winter season for vegetables begins. Farmers in Songming county are taking good care of them, applying them with nutrients, prevent insects and cure diseases, and then there will be a harvest of lettuce.


The price of lettuce will be rised with the harvest, Ma Is particularly busy this year. He is fertilizing, deworming and treating his lettuce seedlings. When Botian water-soluble fertilizer is applied, the lettuce began to absorb nutrients, and its yield and quality are constantly improved.

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