Angel Frozen Dough Improver Series

June 26, 2019

By Xu Yunfeng

Frozen dough technology was innovated in the bread production process in Europe and the United States in the 1950s and is widely used. The frozen dough process in developed countries is now very mature and standardized, and the use of frozen dough technology in the bread industry is also quite common.

Many universities and related enterprises have carried out relatively in-depth experiments and research on the technical points of frozen dough production technology. The main research focuses on key raw materials, key processes, such as breeding of freeze-tolerant yeast strains, anti-freezing mechanism, key parameters of flour The law of the influence of the quality of frozen dough, the mechanism of the effects of different additives on the quality of frozen dough, and so on. From the current development status of the frozen dough industry, it is the most effective and direct method to improve the frost resistance of the dough through additives and improve the product quality. In bread frozen dough products, it can be divided into unfermented frozen dough, pre-fermented frozen dough, semi-baked and fully baked frozen dough, frozen bread, etc. for different types and process types.

The bread types corresponding to different freezing processes are:

  • Sweet dough, conditioning dough - unfermented frozen dough process

  • crispy dough - unfermented frozen dough, pre-fermented frozen dough process

  • European dough - semi-baked, full baking and freezing process

The modifiers provide different functions for different bread types and different freezing processes:

For the two major categories of sweet dough and crispy dough, Angel innovatively developed F-99 frozen dough improver and A-plus crispy bread improver according to product characteristics and process requirements.


F-99 frozen dough improver is suitable for sweet dough, conditioning dough and other types of frozen dough, can improve the dough's wet gluten content, reduce damage caused by frozen storage, and increase the volume of bread made from frozen dough, suitable for unwrapped frozen dough process.

Through the following experimental results, it was found that the F-99 frozen dough improver maintained the desired bread volume after the dough was frozen for 6 months.


The features of F-99 Frozen Dough Improver:

• Improve the dough's wet gluten content and enhance the dough strength.

• Enhance the anti-freezing ability of the dough and reduce damage to the dough caused by freezing.

• Apply to the unwound frozen dough process to increase the volume of bread made from frozen dough.

Direction for use: Mix the flour and other ingredients while mixing.

Dosage: 0.5-2%

Package: 1kg × 10 / box.


Angel A-plus Croissant bread improver is suitable for all kinds of crispy bread making. It is especially suitable for the long-term shelf life of shredded bags, Danish bread and crispy frozen dough. It can be used for the wake-up of frozen dough. Hair and pre-awake technology.

The comparative experimental data:


After a certain period of freezing, Angel A-PLUS Croissant Bread Improver makes the dough quality stable and makes the bread volume larger.

The features of Angel A-PLUS Croissant Bread Improver:

• Enhance the stretch handling of the shortened dough.

• Give the shredded bread and other crispy bread products a full volume and a crisp layer.

• Applicable to the crispy frozen dough process to improve the stability of the frozen dough and extend the shelf life of the frozen dough.


Direction for use: Mix the flour and other ingredients while mixing.

Recommended dosage: 2-3%,

Package: 1kg × 10 / box.

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