Application of Angel Mantou Improver

Angel Mantou Improver is applicable to various types of Mantou, Pau and other fermented foods.



Flour                                     100%        1000g
Angel yeast                           0.4%         4g
Angel mantou improver         0.5%        5g
salt                                         0.4%        4g
Water                                    45-50%    450-500ml


1. Dissolve Angel yeast in the lukewarm water of about 35C, add Angel Mantou Improver, flour, water, mix till the gluten is fully formed, and rest for 10 minutes.

2. Shape, and ferment for 40-50 minutes, with the temperature of about 35°C, and humidity of 75%;

3. Steam with high-temperature fire for 15-20 minutes.

 comparative test picture

Angel Mantou Improver can make the surface of the Pau smoother, increase the final volume and keep more nutrient.

Make the internal tissue finer, the taste softer, the whiteness better.

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