Application of Sugar-free Bread Improver

Through massive experiments, the author finds that the bread improver with good effect in sweet dough cannot achieve the same effect in sugar-free dough, in the same way, the bread improver with good effect in sugar-free dough cannot achieve the same effect in sweet dough. In view of this, Angel Baking Technology Center develops a product specially used in sugar-free dough. The use of sugar-free bread improver  can not only reduce the production cost, but also can improve the product quality.

Therefore, the author further explains in the following baking experiment of Angel sugar-free bread improver.


Formula of sugarless dough

                                   Flour     Yeast     Salt     Bread improver     Water
Blank group                100%      1%        1.6%     /                             66%
Experiment group      100%      1%        1.6%    0.5%                        66%

i. Mix the ingredients till the gluten is completely stretched;
ii. Divide the dough into the unit of 100g each rest for 1 hour for forming;
iii. Final fermentation: temperature 36-38℃, humidity 85-90%, ferment for 1 hour;
iv. Baking: 210℃, 15 minutes.

Bread specific volume and bread picture

Bread specific volume
Test item             Bread volume (ml)          Bread weight(g)       Specific volume(ml/g)
Blank group                540                                    82.5                                      6.55
Experiment group      605                                    83.1                                      7.28

Note: the aforesaid bread volume and bread weight only take the mean value of 5 breads.

 Mr. Zheng Yu 
Bakery and Fermentation Pasta Technology Center

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