Bakerdream Vital Wheat Gluten

Bakerdream Vital Wheat Gluten is a kind of cereal protein in light yellow powder extracted from the wheat. It is of a high protein content averagely above 82%(Nx6.25) and being widely used in bakery and meat food industry to improve the quality of the products; it is also being used as a source of high-quality protein for the vegetarian foods.


  1. Product: Vital Wheat Gluten
  2. Place of Origin: Anhui, China (Mainland)
  3. Packing: Paper Bag-25KG
  4. Loading port: Shanghai, Lianyungang CHINA
  5. The specification as bellow

Gluten powder (product quality index)

Project Index
Moisture ≤9.0%
Ash content ≤1.0% (Dry basis)
Protein ≥82% (N×6.25 Dry basis)
     Water absorption     ≥150% (Dry basis)
Fineness      ≥95% (CB36 mesh percent of pass)    
Fat ≤2.0% ( Dry basis)
Smell, Taste Grain unique fragrance, taste normal
Appearance Light yellow powder


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