Angel LD bread improver application in Baguettes (Crispy Bread)

The baguette was not associated with French bread until the 1920s, and was originally called a baguette or baton. Its standard length and width are 26 inches and 2 inches, and has a crisp skin.

Flour, yeast, water, salt and bread improvers are the basic raw materials for making baguettes. Although it is the bread with the fewest kinds of ingredients in staple food bread, but people do not have low quality requirements for the skin color, cracking degree, volume and taste of the baguette.

Angel Yeast, as a world-renowned supplier of baking ingredients, has promoted the quality upgrade of crispy bread such as baguettes through persistent research and development. We have developed LD series bread improvers for crispy breads such as baguettes. By adding 0.2-0.5% of improvers, we can bring stable operability and high-quality bread to end customers. How does Angel LD series bread improver bring more product value to customers?

Next, let us understand Angel LD series bread improver from the following aspects.

1. More stable dough

At present, the production of most baguettes is a manual or semi-manual production process. In addition to the differences in recipes and other processes between the production process of baguettes and general breads, there is another big difference: the fermented dough is cut with a blade 3-5. The dough is pushed out from the fermentation tank and cut to the oven. During the movement of the rack, there are different degrees of bumps or vibrations. The dough needs to have good stability to ensure that it is not subject to strong vibration after the cut. , The dough does not collapse. Angel LD series improver can solve this problem perfectly. It optimizes the combination of strong gluten agent and xylanase to strengthen the toughness of the air chamber wall after fermentation, but at the same time does not affect the ductility of the dough. We conducted a drop experiment and added a modifier group, and the bread volume was significantly larger.


2. Save baking time

By adding high-quality and high-activity amylase, shorten the bread baking time, save energy and improve production efficiency. After experimental comparison, after adding Angel LD series improver, the bread baking time was shortened by 10-15% compared with the non-addition, thereby improving customer productivity and increasing revenue.


3. Deeper split effect

Through years of technical accumulation, research and analysis of flours around the world, we have continued to optimize the LD series bread improver formula. It can increase the sudden expansion performance of the dough after it is put into the oven, make the dough of the dough deeper and wider, and enhance consumers' desire to buy.


4. Longer-lasting crispy skin effect

After using Angel LD series bread improvers, the same weight of baguette can obtain a larger volume, thinner skin and faster skin water loss during baking, thus making the bread more crispy and lasting.

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