Characteristics of Angel yeast in bread production

As a specialized yeast manufacturer in the world,Angel keeps up with the pace of times, focuses on the updating of product. Angel Gloden Sugar-tolerant Yeast representing one of the latest technologies has prominent characteristics in sugar tolerance, preservative resistance, and fast expansion capacity in oven.

I. Wide Range of Sugar Tolerance

 The relation diagram between sugar quantity and dough fermentation time under standard production process condition in fast method is as follows.

See Diagram 1

It can be seen that Angel Yeast has a wide range of sugar applicability, which can save production cost and improve productivity. Under the same production condition, this curve can guide the user to estimate the fermentation time of bread with different sugar consumption, so as to better distribute the production link time for the user.

II. Preservative Resistance

At present, many bread factories add calcium propionate (The dosage is generally 0.3% ) to inhibit the mould and extend shelf life. Although calcium propionate has a good effect in extending the shelf life of bread, it will also inhibit the fermentation of yeast at the same time, and prolong the fermentation time and production cycle of bread.

See Diagram 2

Upon the vigor curve analysis above, Angel Yeast has good calcium propionate resistance. However, excessive calcium propionate will affect the CO2 production of yeast, and it need to increase the consumption of yeast, thus raising the production cost. Therefore, it's suggested to use the minimum amount of calcium propionate in the conforming shelf life.

III. Fast Expansion Capacity in Oven

The fast expansion capacity in oven refers to the dough's capacity of increasing in volume after being baked in oven, which is an important index to appraise the baking characteristics of yeast. The following diagram shows the baking comparative test of ordinary high-sugar yeast and Angel Golden High-sugar Yeast (the fermentation height of dough before baking is the same)

See Diagram 3

The bread made by Angel Golden High-sugar Yeast (right in the photo)  has excellent fast expansion capacity in the oven, and the finished product has large volume, therefore favored by the vast bakery practitioners.

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