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Chinese Crisp Cookie—Walnut Pastries


Walnut Pastries is a traditional baked product in China. It is famous for its dry, crisp, and sweet characteristics. The main ingredients are flour, eggs, oil, etc.

1. Recipe

taosu recipe

2. Procedure

Step1: Scale ingredients accurately. Have all ingredients at room temperature.


Step2: Place the fat, sugar and eggs in the mixing bowl. Cream these ingredients at low speed.

Step3: Sift in the flour and leavening. Mix until just combined. Do not overmix, or gluten will develop.


Step4: Scale the dough into 50g pieces, and form them into small balls. Then stick a small amount of black sesame and press it down with finger. Alternatively, a mold can be used.

Step5: Bake on ungreased pans. 200℃/160℃, 15min.


3. Recommended raw materials

Bakerdream Crisp Cookie Raising Agent: Alum free, high strength, suitable for cookies and biscuits.

Bakerdream Pastry Improver: Increase the crispness of the product and reduce the amount of oil added.

Bakerdream Unsalted Lactic Butter: high quality and better flavour

Bakerdream White Soft Sugar: Soft sweetness, and better color, make the color of baked products better

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