Number One Toast Procedure

With unique seed soup fermentation process and Angel's mixes and baking ingredients imported from Europe, a wide variety of bread series with good taste, rich wheat aroma and longer preservation can be made to meet the needs of more customers. This bread, with new concept and good sensory experiences, upon tasting, gives consumers a new understanding of toast.

Main materials:

  • Angel semi-dry yeast - to give more fresh bread aroma

  • Angel super soft bread improver - soft tissue and longer shelf life

  • Angel well-cooked bread mixes - simplify the seed soup process and provide the mellow flavor and retains the moisture.

  • Backaldrin mix series - enrich the nutrition concept of toast, such as purple wheat premixed powder, grape seed bread premix flour, whole wheat flour, maize grain premixed powder

Main features:

1. Better taste experience:Soft, mellow, and wheat aroma

The combination of a special fermentation process and raw materials makes Number One Toast softer, more mellow and with richer wheat aroma than toast.

2. More toast varieties: to meet the diverse needs of consumers

The authentic baking materials - Austria baking mixes, Austria whole wheat, purple wheat cranberry, Austria corn, Dinkel grape seeds and other raw materials brings Number-one more and better selling points and creativity. They not only make the bread "natural, nutritional, healthy" but also provide consumers with more choices.

3. Unique seed soup fermentation process:brewing a unique aroma with long-lasting preservation capabilities.

It changes the traditional soup kind fermentation process, and the temperature is strictly controlled in production process to fully release the function of yeast, flour and other raw materials. Angel well-cooked mix brings the Number One Toast series a thick mellow style.Even the bread refrigerated for a few days still tastes soft and mellow like cakes.

Packaging Design of Number One Toast

4. Providing marketing solutions

Angel provides more than four formulation processes to meet the specific needs of the plant and bakery chain stores. Angel's technicians provide teaching and training services and offers planning of packaging design, marketing poster design, marketing plan.

Exhibition Promotion of Number One Toast Brand

Promotion of Five Classic Toast of Number One Toast

1. Milky White Number One Toast

the Milky White Toast has the most perfect presentation of the characteristics of the Number One Toast series of being soft, mellow, and with wheat aroma. With some meat, milk or vegetables, you can easily enjoy a delicious breakfast sandwiches. This variety of bread can be made into well-cooked toast.

2. Austrian Whole Wheat Number One Toast

The bread, made with whole wheat flour imported from Europe, is soft, moist, with wheat aroma and full of high nutrition fiber.

3. Grape Seed Number One Toast

It contains high-quality grape seed powder from the Wachau areas of Austria, and it tastes moist and moderate sweet and sour, with rum-soaked raisins.

4. Purple Wheat Cranberry Number One Toast

It contains Backaldrin purple wheat bread premixed powder raw materials, and the purple wheat is a precious wheat variety from in Europe.Dry cranberries soaked with rum can also be added to make this toast both tasty and nutritional.

5. Corn Number One Toast

It contains Backaldrin corn bread premixes and puffed corn kernels, and has pastoral characteristics, squishy tissue and pleasant aroma.

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