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Premium Instant Dry Yeast

April 30, 2020

By Fa Lu

Instant dry yeast has the advantages of high activity, stable performance, easy transportation and storage, convenient to use and so on. It is an excellent fermentation agent and biological raising agent, widely used in bread, pastry and other fermented products.


According to the sugar content, instant dry yeast can be divided into:

  • Low sugar ( less than 5% sugar content)

  • High sugar (more than 5% sugar content, used in sweet bread)

The dosage and processing technology of dough have a great influence on the fermentation performance of the yeast, such as the sugar content, the variety and quantity of preservative added, the dissolving temperature of the yeast, etc. In order to improve the universality of yeast, Angel Yeast has launched the premium series instant dry yeast which has obvious advantages in dough fermentation speed, sugar tolerance, low temperature dissolving tolerance and quality stability.


Compared with the ordinary yeast, Premium low sugar instant dry yeast (Premium low sugar) has quality advantages in the following aspects:

1. Save 10-30% of fermentation time

The fermentation time of dough is closely related to the activity of yeast. In comparison with ordinary yeast, Premium low sugar has high activity. The fermentation time can be shortened by 10-30% under the same amount, greatly improving the production efficiency, saving the production cost, and showing obvious advantages in direct fermentation and secondary fermentation.


Chart1: Comparison of fermentation time for two kinds of Low sugar doughs

2. Excellent sugar tolerance

In many bakeries, bread is usually made with multiple recipes. Some recipes will add a certain amount of sugar, such as 3-10% The addition of sucrose can increase the osmotic pressure for yeast cell, especially for the low sugar dry yeast. In addition, the increase of sugar and salt content has a negative influence on the activity of yeast. The higher sugar content, the lower activity and the longer fermentation time. Therefore, the sugar tolerance is one of the important indexes to evaluate the quality of low sugar yeast, which reflects the tolerance of yeast to sugar.

In the actual application, Premium low sugar exhibits higher tolerance than ordinary low sugar. Chart 2 shows the comparison of fermentation time between Premium and ordinary low sugar in dough with different sugar content.

It can be seen that the fermentation time is almost stable for premium low sugar with sugar content of 0%, 3% and 7% and the difference is less than 5%; while for Ordinary low sugar, the fermentation time gap can reach 10%.


Chart2:Comparison of fermentation time for two kinds of low sugar doughs with different sugar content.

3. Good tolerance to cold water

People in some places prefer to dissolve Instant Dry Yeast (IDY) with water before mixing with flour and the water may influence activity of IDY. While using water with a low temperature, for example below 20℃, it will destroy the cell wall of IDY and cause the obvious decline of activity. People in some places even use big ice in the process of mixing, which will make IDY dissolve at low temperature and cause the obvious decline of activity and prolonged time of fermentation.

However, Premium low sugar could solve this problem by obviously better cold water tolerance. It can be shown by Chart 3 that in the process of mixing Premium low sugar with warm water and ice, the fermentation time gap is just 11% but it is 24% for Ordinary low sugar.


Chart 3: Comparison of fermentation time for two types of low sugar with two different ways of mixing.

4. Stable quality and lasting activity

Distinctive fermentation process and advanced heating method is used in the production of Premium low sugar, which guarantees good quality and stable performance both in direct fermentation and in secondary fermentation. Activity can be maintained in the process fermentation for 4-5 hours. Chart 4 shows the activity of Premium low sugar and Ordinary low sugar during 4-hour fermentation.


Chart 4: Comparison of activity for two types of low sugar in long time fermentation.


Compared with Ordinary high sugar, Premium high sugar has the advantages as below:

1Good preservative tolerance

To ensure the shelf life of breads, many users chooses to use some preservatives, for example calcium propionate. These preservatives extend the shelf life of bread but at the same time influences the activity and therefore makes fermentation time longer. Angel Yeast has developed Premium high sugar with distinctive technology to make it perform better in preservative tolerance and the fermentation time can be 15-25% shorter than Ordinary high sugar.


Chart 5: Comparison of fermentation time for two types of high sugar with different dosage of calcium propionate.

2Good tolerance to cold water

Both Premium high sugar and low sugar have good tolerance to cold water. The fermentation time of Premium high sugar could be 20% shorter than Ordinary high sugar when mixed with ice.


Chart 6: Comparison of fermentation time for two types of high sugar when mixed with ice.

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