[Recipe] Caesar bread

Caesar represents emperor in Germany and windmill shape also means emperor. Caesar bread is a kind of small bread in the residential circle of Austria and south of Germany. In the past, the windmill shape on the Caesar bread was made by hands. Now, there is specialized stamping machine to making the shape. When bread is baked, poppy seeds, sesames and other ingredients will be glued on the surface of the bread. Caesar bread is sure to be provided with the breakfast if one travels in Vienna.


Ingredients     Percentage (%)        Weight   
Bread flour 70 700
Pastry flour 30 300
Salt 1.8 18
Angel yeast 1 10
    Angel LD500 bread improver    0.5 5
White cream 2 20
Water 60 600
Total 165.3 1653

Making methods

  1. Dough making: put all the ingredients together and stir them until there is gluten.

  2. Dough dividing: after placing the dough for 10 minutes, divide the dough into small one (70g/per) and make them round.

  3. Basic fermentation: ferment 30 to 40 minutes at 28-30℃temperature.

  4. Dough modeling: after using the Caesar bread model to make the bread have a shape, put them into the ovenware.

  5. Final fermentation: temperature 36-38℃; humidity 80-85%; upside down the dough when fermenting to 70%.

  6. After finishing the fermentation, spray steam for baking.

  7. Baking temperature: 230-235℃

  8. Baking time: 13-15 minutes

Making Caesar bread with hands is very complicated. With specialized tool, however, the making efficiency is much higher. The following is the making tool.

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