[Recipe] German bread with Asian taste

Bread making by alkaline water is the symbol of German bread. After being improved, this kind of bread with softer tissue satisfies the Chinese taste and is suit for Chinese eating habits.

Ingredients    Weight (g)   
Basic dough
Bread flour 300
Angel high sugar tolerant yeast 3
Water 270
Sugar 10
Total 583
Main dough
Bread flour 500
Low gluten flour 500
Semi-dry yeast 12
    Bakerdream freezing dough improver F-99     20
Sugar 20
Salt 18
Fermentation cream 80
Water 400
Bakerdream ripe bread mix 50

Making methods:

  • Put the basic dough into doughmaker to stir; next, ferment for 2 hours; then put it into cold storage (10-15℃) for 12 hours.

  • Put all the ingredients except salt, butter and fruit into doughmaker; next, stir 2 minutes in low speed and 2minutes in high speed; then, add butter and stir 1 minutes in low speed; finally, put the fruit into the dough.

  • Ferment for 20 minutes and divide according to the requirement.

  • Make the dough round: ferment for about 10 minutes.

  • Shape: horseshoe.

  • Freeze: put the dough into -38℃refrigerator for about 20 minutes, then put it into the cold storage.

  • Thaw, wake up: temperature 38℃; humidity 80%; thaw for about 90 minutes; then glue the alkaline water and decorate the ham and cheese.

  • Bake: up temperature 200℃; bottom temperature 190℃; about 15 minutes.


  1. The amount of water is according to the actual time (winter: hot water; summer: cold water).

  2. Dough kneading temperature 24-26℃, waking up temperature 35-38℃.

  3. If using fresh yeast, add 1-1.5 times fresh yeast.

  4. The proportion of alkaline and water: water: alkaline=1000:20-40.


Dissolve the baking alkaline

Soak bread into alkaline water

Decorate bread with ham

Decorate bread with cheese

Finish baking

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