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[Recipe] Hazelnut Croissant

hazelnut croissant

Features of Hazelnut Croissant: rich in hazelnut flavor, nutritious and healthy


Ingredients Weight (g)
Bread flour 850
Cakeflour 150
Backaldrin Vienna yeast bread mix 50
Angel Instant dry yeast 15
Bakerdream F20 frozen dough improver 10
Bakerdream fine sugar 100
Salt 16
Egg 100
Water 500
Agrilait flake butter 50
Butter part
Agrilait flake butter 500
hazelnut powder 200
Decoration part
butter 100
hazelnut powder 200
moisture-resistant sugar 50
Total 2850


  1. Preparation: shape the Agrilait flake butter and refrigerate it under the temperature of 14℃.

  2. Kneading the dough: Put the dough into the mixing bowl. Stir it at the slow speed for 2 minutes and the fast speed for 4 minutes until the surface of the dough is smooth (notice: the temperature of dough should be controlled between 22-24℃). Place it aside for about 10 minutes and then divide it into the small dough of 1,000g per each. Finally press the small dough into 60cm * 40cm rectangular patch, cover with the preservative film and put into the refrigerator of minus 18 degrees centigrade.

  3. Making pastry: Thaw the patch in the second step until its temperature is about 14℃ (The hardness of dough is basically the same as that of oil). Wrap the flake butter. The method of making pastry is folding it two times. Every time it needs 15 minutes under the temperature of 5-8℃. At the final time, it should be pressed to 0.25cm.

  4. Division: Divide the dough into bottom 9cm, high 20cm isosceles triangle. Each weighs about 45g. Then brush the egg liquid, scatter hazelnut powder, roll it into horn shape and put it into the oven ware.

  5. Final fermentation: Put the oven ware into the fermenting box. The temperature is about 30℃. The relative humidity is 70%-75%. Time is about 90 minutes.

  6. Bake: The top temperature--200℃. The bottom temperature--190℃. Time—16-20 minutes. It is ready when the surface color is golden.

  7. Decoration: After the bread is taken out, firstly, wait it cool down to about 50℃; secondly, brush it with melted butter; thirdly, coat it with hazelnut powder; and finally decorate it with moisture – resistant sugar.

hazelnut croissant

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