[Recipe] Hyper-Elasticity Hamburger


Angel bakery recipe


Sponge dough: mix the dough for 5 mins at slow speed, dough temperature is 28℃, ferment for 4h with 28-30℃

Main dough:

Mixing time: 

  4 - 6 minutes at slow speed
  8 - 10 minutes at high speed

Type of mixer:    spiral mixer
Dough temperature:    20- 22 ℃
Resting time:    10 mins
Scaling weight/piece:    0.065 kg
Oven temperature:    220 - 210 ℃
Baking time:    12 minutes


Fermentation  at the 38℃ and humidity is 80% for 70-80 minutes. Water spray to the dough surface after fermentation is finished and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Put into oven after dough surface get a little dry.

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