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The Application of GSH05 in Bakery Products

Glutathione, namely γ-L-glutamyl-L-cysteylglycine, is a compound formed by the condensation of L-glutamic acid, L-cysteine and glycine through peptide bonds. Glutathione was first discovered by humans in 1921, and then people applied glutathione to food after 30 years.

Glutathione has two forms: reduced (GSH) and oxidized (GSSG). The main ingredient in GSH05 dough relax agent is reduced glutathione, which carries a reducing sulfhydryl group (-SH), which can open the disulfide bond (-SS-) in the dough, change the rheology of the dough, and make the dough is easier to handle and slows down the shrinkage of the dough.

Angel Yeast, as a world-renowned supplier of baking ingredients, has selected a yeast with high glutathione content through unremitting research to produce Angel GSH05 dough relax agent. The GSH content of the special yeast strain is higher than that of the general pasta yeast. The special strain is inactivated after careful fermentation, and then concentrated and sprayed to make a high-quality dough relax agent. The following details will explain what is the most advantages for Angel GSH05 dough relax agent.

1. The Angel GSH05 can make the baguette is easier to shape.

When making baguettes, the shaping is an annoying problem, because gluten in the dough prevents the stretching. Adding 0.2%-0.3% Angel GSH05 to the baguette dough can be effectively improve the shrinkage of the dough and make it easy to shape, and bring a good operating experience to the baker.


2. The Angel GSH05 can make the Pizza not easy to shrink.

When the pizza dough is rolled into shape, the dough tends to shrink due to the strong gluten, which makes it difficult to roll out and affects the taste of the pizza. Adding 0.2%-0.3% Angel GSH05 to pizza dough can effectively alleviate the above issues and bring a more stable quality to consumers.


3. The Angel GSH05 can make the croissants more uniform size.

When cut croissants into triangles, the dough tends to shrink, which will cause the cut triangles to have different weights and then affect the quality. Adding Angel's 0.2%-0.3% GSH05 to the croissant dough can effectively solve the problem of the shrinkage, and make the croissant more uniform in size, improve the yield rate, and save customer costs.



4. The Angel GSH05 can make the bottom of Hamburg more smooth.

Hamburg now is the most popular fast food and is deeply loved by people. Hamburger buns need the dough to have good fluidity in order to fully expand in the baking pan, so that the grilled burger has a large chassis and uniform color, which can arouse consumers' desire to buy. Angel GSH05 dough relax agent can weaken part of the gluten and bring better fluidity to the dough. It is a good partner for making burgers.


5. The Angel GSH05 can make the bread roll products not easy to shrink after cutting.

The bread rolls with fillings need to be cut after forming, but the cut dough will be easily to shrink, then the quality of the finished product will be affected. Adding Angel's 0.2%-0.3% GSH05 to the dough can significantly improve the shrinkage of the dough after cutting, and improve the operability of the dough.



Published by Cong Huang

Senior Engineer

Angel Baking center Division

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