What is Frozen Dough?

Dough freezing is a technology that cutting off a progress when produce the bread under normal circumstances to get dough or semi-product. Then get them for quick freeze (below - 30 ℃) and keep in storage below -18 ℃. The storage life for the frozen dough can reach 3 to 6 months. And it is usually used up in 3 months.

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Two types of frozen dough

According to the development's trend of the frozen dough at home and abroad In the near future, the engineers in Angel classify it into two groups in accordance with the storage time of frozen dough:

■ The storage of frozen dough for about one month, and the characters are as follows:

  1. It is more suitable for short distance transport because the transport time is short.

  2. It has better taste and flavor maintain its original flavor because of the frozen time is short, and less yeast.

  3. The more quality of flour can be choosed in general, we should choose more protein of flour to make frozen dough. The longer time we freeze, the higher content of protein we need. It also means the heigher prize, so we can save money.

  4. Compared to frozen dough of the 3 to 6 months, we can add less improver of frozen dough.

■ Frozen storage for about 3 to 6 months, and the characters are as follows:

  1. It is more suitable for long distance transport to reach far distance to deliver, as well as for export;

  2. Because of the longer storage time and more yeast in dough, the flavor has been changed;

  3. It needs the higher quality of the flour the content of protein need greater than 13% to prevent flour from damaging by ice crystal when it is frozen;

  4. Compared to frozen dough of 1 month, we can add more improver of frozen dough.


1. The shelf life of fresh yeast is 45 days, but why frozen dough made by fresh yeast can be kept for 6 months?

Under cold storage, the fresh yeast will gradually lose its activity and dissolve. Its activity will decrease 20% in 45 days. Therefore, It is suggested that fresh yeast shall be used within 45 days. However, when fresh yeast is added into dough then immediately frozen and stored, the yeast under frozen status will not dissolve and the process of losing activity will be relatively slow. That is why, when the frozen dough defrosted after 6 months, the yeast will gradually come to life and in activity.

2. Why holes occur in bread made from frozen dough and how to solve this?

Fermentation before freezing may cause holes. We finish cutting and shaping ASAP before freezing.

3. Why croissant will release unpleasant smell when frozen too long?

This unpleasant smell is caused by lipid oxidation during freezing. To solve it, it shall change to natural butter.

4. Why yeast activity is insufficient after defrosting the frozen dough?

  1. Yeast is fermented before rapid freezing, which causes the loss of active yeast during freezing. The solution is to reduce dough temperature and freeze immediately after shaping, avoiding the fermentation of yeast.

  2. Blast freezer is not qualified and freezing time is too long. The solution is to freeze immediately in avoiding yeast fermentation.

  3. Temperature fluctuates too much during storing and transportation, which causes the activity loss. The solution is to guarantee the stability of temperature during storing and transportation, in order to avoid activity loss.

  4. Yeast is insufficient during long period of frozen store. The solution is to add sufficient yeast.

5. How to solve the dryness taste of ready-to-bake pizza base after freezing?

  1. Fast freeze to reduce moisture loss.

  2. Start fast freeze when pizza temperature comes down to 35℃ after baking.

  3. Spray water when baking, avoiding moisture loss.

  4. Choose appropriate improver.

6. What is the difference of Fresh and Semi-dry Yeast?

We can choose fresh yeast or semi-dry yeast to make frozen dough.

  1. Compared to the activity of semi-dry yeast, the fresh yeast dropped quickly in shelf life. It's suggested to make frozen dough within 15 days after production.

  2. The activity of semi-dry yeast drops slowly under frozen storage, so it is a better choice to those areas where transportation is underdeveloped.

  3. Yeast loses activity very slow under frozen storage. So in some remote areas without good facilities, it is better to use semi-dry for frozen dough.

7. Advantages of semi-dry yeast in frozen dough compared with Instant dry yeast

  1. Quality & Resistance to freezing is very stable for be stored in - 18℃. It also can prevent the change of the yeast quality from the condition of transport.

  2. The volume of bread is big, and aroma is nice compared with instant dry yeast.

  3. The cold water resistance performance is good. The frozen dough requires the dough's temperature under 20 degrees. We usually use cold water to mix dough. The cold water resistance performance of the semi-dry yeast is good. It Is more suitable for the requirement of frozen dough.

8. What is the characteristic of Frozen Dough Improver?

F-99 frozen dough improver is suitable for all types of frozen dough, can improve the dough's wet gluten content, reduce damage caused by frozen storage, and increase the volume of bread made from frozen dough.

A-plus Croissant bread improver is suitable for all kinds of Danish bread. Dough is easier to extend and shape. Bread volume gets bigger. Layers of Danish bread are better.

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