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Yeast RNA providing nucleotides

Angel® Yeast RNA

RNA is separated and purified from yeast by advanced extraction biotechnology, and the purity of RNA is more than 80%. Yeast RNA is mainly used in medicine, health foods and infant foods.

The applications of yeast RNA are very extensive, especially as a precursor substance in synthesis of novel anticancer drugs. In foods for infant or young children, nucleotides from the hydrolysate of yeast RNA are especially important to the growth and development of infants and young children. In health foods, yeast RNA can improve immunity and anti-fatigue.

 Angel yeast RNA

Angel® Yeast RNA


1. Extracted from patented baker's yeast strain;

2. Patented process, up to 80% purity;

3. Yeast fermentation, natural, healthy and safe.


1. Used in a variety of foods as raw materials, such as meat, dairy products, biscuits, drinks, fruit juices etc.

2. Used as raw materials of health foods or pharmaceuticals;

3. Used as the raw material of nucleotides production industry.

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