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FrozdoTM is a yeast specifically designed for frozen dough. Compared to regular yeast, it exhibits outstanding freeze resistance, which can enhance the shelf life of frozen dough and improve stability.

Excellent freeze resistance stability

Thanks to its excellent freeze resistance, FrozDo has a 15% higher resistance than regular dry yeast. This allows for maintained frozen dough stability, which in turn extends the shelf life of the product and makes it suitable for a variety of frozen dough products.

Maintains excellent fermentation activity after thawing

Limited fermentation during the freezing period, and quickly activates after thawing, providing a stable and high-quality fermentation results for frozen dough.

Wide applicability

Appropriate for sugar-free and low-sugar formulas, maintaining superior fermentation performance in formulas with 0-15% sugar content.

On-demand usage and Easy to store

Ambient temperature storage enables on-demand usage of FrozDoTM without requiring any additional preparation or energy consumption, resulting in increased convenience and reduced energy costs.

Shelf life: 2 years, store in a cool and dry place

Packing: 450g*20, 500g*20, 5kg*2, 10kg*1