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Super 2 in 1 Instant Dry Yeast (sugar-tolerant)

Ingredients: Yeast, sorbitan monostearate, effective bread improver

Functional Features:

Super Yeast (2 in 1) is composed of high activity, high sugar resistant yeast and high effective bread improver. The final product has a double effect of a strong fermentation endurance and a significant improvement on the bread.

Use 1% in the flour, no need improver any more, easy to use, cost savings.

Suitable for 5% to 25% sugar in the bread, easily qualified for all kinds of heavy sugar, heavy oil recipes.

Usage: mix even the dry yeast with flour and other ingredients, and then add in water and stir.

Note: Avoid directly mixing the yeast with oil, salt and ice; Add oil only after all the other ingredients are added and mixed even. Adjust the dough's temperature between 25-28 ℃.

Packing: 500g * 20

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