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Yeast Extract


Yeast Extract is made from special yeast strain with high protein content, by the patented process of extraction, separation, and spray drying. It is rich in protein, amino acids, peptides and other trace elements. With the yeast unique flavor and features of completely water soluble, it is suitable for all kinds of fortified food and health food.



1. From special yeast strain with high protein content

2. Raw-food material with unique flavor

3. Rich in protein, amino acids, peptides and other trace elements

4. Completely water soluble, clear and bright solution



1. Used in a variety of foods as raw material to enhance food flavor and taste

2. Used as raw materials of health food to enhance immunity and improve body function

3. Specially used in liquid health food and general foods

4. Used as protein fortified raw materials


Product Information:




Light yellow to brown, powder

Protein, %


Total nitrogen, %


Amino nitrogen, %


Moisture, %


NaCl, %


pH value,(2% water solution)


As, mg/kg


Pb, mg/kg


Aerobic plate count,  cfu/g


Coliform, MPN/g


Yeast & Mold total, cfu/g




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