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GroPro in antibiotic free diet

July 7th, 2020

By Xiangqian Xiao

The diet containing antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) can achieve ideal growth promotion effect even if the nutrition is unbalanced and the protein raw material is not high quality. Moreover, it can ensure the intestinal health and reduce the occurrence of diarrhea. The imbalance of the nutrients of the diet and the defects of protein raw materials have been covered by the remarkable efficacy of antibiotics.

However, with the advent of antibiotic resistance, we have to pay more attention to the nutrition and functionality of feed to ensure animal health and growth performance. Under the background of antibiotic free, protein raw materials as one of the most important nutrients in feed formula, are not only needed high protein quality, but also needed to have the function of ensuring animal health.

The selection of protein material is more important than protein level

According to the source of protein raw materials, it can be roughly divided into three categories: plant protein, single cell protein and animal protein. Its nutritional, functional and impact on intestinal health determine whether the protein raw material is of high quality. The quality degree of the three protein raw materials is: animal protein > single cell protein > plant protein. However, in practical application, the cost and practicability should be considered comprehensively, so the three kinds of protein raw materials are generally used in the formula.

As we all know, it is not the balance of amino acids that can turn the poor protein into high-quality protein. Therefore, it is necessary to use these protein raw materials comprehensively, and it should be emphasized that the selection of protein raw materials is more important than the protein level. High quality protein source can reduce intestinal pH, maintain intestinal tissue structure, and increase the number and proportion of beneficial bacteria, which is more conducive to intestinal health.

Higher requirements are put forward for protein raw materials under the background of no-antibiotic

In the diets containing antibiotic growth promoters, such as anti-diarrhea, promoting growth and improving intestinal health are all completed by antibiotics, so the quality requirements of protein raw materials are not too high. However, in the absence of antibiotics, it is necessary to put forward higher requirements for protein raw materials as followed:

1. In order to promote animal growth, it is necessary to have a higher digestibility and utilization rate without anti nutritional factors, which is at least close to the efficiency of adding antibiotic growth promoters.

2. It should also be functional to ensure intestinal health. Although it can not prevent diarrhea like antibiotic growth promoters, it should at least reduce nutritional diarrhea.

Although animal protein is good, it needs scientific collocation

From the point of view of nutrition and function, animal protein meets the requirements of antibiotic free diet. However, due to the use cost and biosafety problems, some animal protein raw materials need to be used with caution. Therefore, in the preparation of antibiotic free diet, we can not completely rely on animal protein, but also need scientific collocation of plant protein and single cell protein.

The fermented plant protein is more suitable for antibiotic free diet

In terms of nutrition, some high-quality plant protein and animal protein are not different, and the protein content and digestibility are also high, such as soybean meal. However, lysine and methionine, the most important limiting amino acids for animal growth, are low in plant protein and can not meet the needs of promoting growth. Moreover, there are some antinutritional factors in plant protein, which can cause diarrhea in young animals. In order to solve the problem of plant protein theory, it is necessary to use plant protein raw materials with animal protein and single cell protein scientifically, or carry out fermentation pretreatment of plant protein.

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GroPro Swine:yeast protein closer to animal protein

GroPro Swine is a functional protein from yeast. After years of improvement and upgrading, its nutritional and functional properties have been close to plasma protein powder. Moreover, in recent years, it has been incorporated into the formula of piglet feed by most feed enterprises to replace plasma protein powder comprehensively.

As a kind of high quality functional protein raw material, GroPro Swine not only has high digestibility and utilization, but also provides young animals with nucleotides needed for rapid growth and probiotics (YeaMOS) to ensure intestinal health.

Without antibiotics in the diet, the first thing to be hit is the gut. The nucleotides and yeast cell wall in GroPro are helpful to promote intestinal development and improve intestinal health. With the progress of yeast industry, GroPro is also upgrading, and it has gradually approached animal protein in terms of nutrition. Therefore, GroPro is the best choice for high quality functional protein in antibiotic free diet.

From the perspective of protein raw materials, scientific combination of animal protein, fermented plant protein and GroPro can guarantee the health and growth performance of animals in antibiotic free diet.


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